Diana Vickers – My Wicked Heart – Single and Video Review

After an astounding performance from Diana Vickers on last night’s X Factor, we decided to check out the official video for My Wicked Heart.

You know the score. Diana went on X Factor to perform her latest single. It was all circus themed and a teeny bit crazy. And the sound was huge – like, really loud. So, just to double check, we decided to listen to the single to see what it was like. And…

We really like it. Diana’s really come into her own as a performer since she was on X Factor, and it shows. From the cheeky facial expressions and the shockingly bare (and very slender) legs to the myriad new ways that she can use that impressive voice, she’s surpassed the standard expectations for anybody who has “Former X Factor contestant” on their CV.

So let’s talk about this single. My Wicked Heart is every bit as brash, loud, in-yer-face as we thought it might be. There may be a common complaint that you can’t understand the words. Grow up, moaners! This is a song to be heard and felt, not read from a lyric sheet! What Diana’s doing here is whooping, moaning and growling in a song that’s fun, sexy, flirtatious and confident. No, it doesn’t make sense, but it makes us feel happy, like something fun just blew through the room, cheered us all up and left before we knew what hit us.

The video’s equally bonkers, full of zany circus stuff. And Diana cracking whips, dressing in leopard print catsuits and being chained up. Yeah, it might be a bit S&M to watch with the kids, but it’s bloody entertaining.

In doing a bit of background for this review, we were sad to hear that The Boy Who Murdered Love had bombed a bit, only making it to #36 in the chart. Hopefully an appearance on X Factor will draw more attention to her, because this girl has become more fun that we could ever have imagined when she was just ‘the claw’. Go out and buy it!

By the way: You won’t find this single on Vickers’ debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree, because it’s part of the upcoming just-in-time-for-Christmas ‘deluxe’ release. Get used to ’em folks, because they’re not going away any time soon.


  1. Dara Hickey


    I love the fact she’s come out of herself and the fact it’s feisty and infectious and all-round it’s just brilliant! Easily the best song from her so far.

    ‘My Wicked Heart’ is currently at #14 on iTunes, so hopefully a Top 10 palcing by Sunday?

    OH! And did you know!? After he performance on X Factor, Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ has jumped from #106, to #9. Overnight. And considering it’s release is still a month away, I hope they rush release the video and song so that it doesn’t stagger like a lot of Ke$ha’s recent singles.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Really hope Diana Vickers hits next week’s top ten. I love that song.

      And since I say so many mean things about X Factor, I will say this – it’s nice that they’re taking time to promote acts that Syco didn’t sign, but that came from the show anyway. I appreciate them showing that bit of loyalty, even though they didn’t deem the Diana’s and the JLS’s to be worth a recording contract. 

      I’ll chat Katy Perry on the other thread – I see you’ve left a comment there too!

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