Discussion: Would you like Nefertiti or any other historical figure as a companion in Doctor Who?

So, Dinosaurs On A Spaceship featured Egyptian queen Nefertiti as one of The Doctor’s new ‘gang’. We’ve seen the Time Lord run into historical characters in the past: Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill. He’s even had a variety of otherworldy companions – such as Adric, Leela and Romana.

The question is: would it be cool if The Doctor ‘adopted’ an historical figure for a certain amount of time, or even for a single series, as he did with Donna Noble? Could you see him going on adventures with someone straight out of the history books, poking fun at their achievements or well-documented quirks?

I thought the inclusion of Nefertiti was a brilliant twist, but it could have been played out a little bit more. In the same way that Asylum Of The Daleks teased Jenna Louise Coleman’s future involvement, I sort of hope that Nefertiti or some other historical character might stow away in the TARDIS for some fun and games. What about you?

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  1. Emperor Gregor

    Tricky to cast. We don’t know what Nefertiti looked like but Churchill must have taken some casting. For a regular they’d need to be available for a whole season.  So a lookalike and free. 

    How about taking Liz Ten for a spin in the old blue box. Or Wilf. 

  2. magsmagenta

    I do enjoy the episodes where The Doctor has famous companions from history because they are fun to watch and get in jokes about the history itself. It also encourages kids to investigate those characters for themselves and learn a bit of real history, especially when the BBC couples the episode with a documentory about the period.

    But I don’t think that would be a good idea for a whole series, it would be streching reality a bit too far and that character would be too dominating of the series.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a companion who is an ordinary character from a different time than our contemporary times though, who travelled in the same way as a contemporary companion and learned in the same way. This would help give a more complete picture of the attitudes of the time that person came from which could be quite interesting.

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