Dizzee Rascal – Bonkers – Single Review

Bonkers, single cover

Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers is going to be anthem for a new generation of crazy bitches. You know the kind – the waaay too drunk loud girls at the club with their fingers pointed skyward as this starts to play. “Bonkerrrrrssss!!!!” they’ll shriek at each other before bopping around to this. Boobs will fall out of dresses due to vigorous dancing. The runt of the pack will probably vomit all over the floor when it all ends.

The point is, whereever boisterous girls go to par-tay, this song will go with them.

None of this is a criticism, because Dizzee has managed to cram a ton of urban goodness into this goofy track. Bonkers is one of those songs that has a simple hook and shout-out lyrics that you remember but can never sing back in the right sequence.

What’s hard to believe is that the tune is four and a half minutes long – epic for this kind of music. I remember when Dizzee appeared out of nowhere a few years ago – he won a Brit Award (or something) before anybody had really heard of him. Since then, he’s the one British urban artist to really, continually impress me. His singles are vibrant, entertaining and infectuous, and Bonkers is no exception.

In fact, if you see me out for the night, I’ll be shrieking along with Sharon and Tracey with my finger in the air. Definitely one of my favourite tracks of 2009 so far.

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