Dizzee Rascal – Holiday – Single & Video Review

Dizzee Rascal - Holiday

I know I’m a bit late to reviewing this single, but I’ve fallen in love with it over the last couple of weeks. From what I gather, Dizzee released this quite late in the summer, which means it totally missed its potential to become this year’s holiday anthem.

Although, having said that, it’s just in time for sloggers like me who’ve missed out on a holiday this year. After a couple of listens to Holiday, I’m feeling the urge to have a fortnight on a sun-kissed beach “wif a pina colada or whatevah I’d ravah”.

In all honesty, the dream team of Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris are my favourite things about pop music at the moment, and songs like Holiday and Harris’s Ready For The Weekend are the reason why – they’re unabashedly about kicking back and having fun. Especially after seeing Dizzee coolly handle a raving Kate Moss last week, I’ve gotta commend the guy for just being soooo easy going.

Watch him bopping around in the video – whether in that blindingly garish shirt or the cool off-white suit…

Lyrically, there’s no point in overanalysing it really, but Dizzee is almost the perfect holiday salesman, isn’t he? “If you ain’t doin’ nuffin,” he suggests “let’s fly away, drive away, take a holiday” By the time he’s sang about white beaches and jet skis, we’re persuaded.

This guy is the king of going-out tunes right now. It doesn’t even dull my enthusiasm to hear that the track was originally written for The Saturdays! Dizzee just keeps getting better and better!

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