Doctor Who: Big Bang

Ok So no valeyard, no omega, no master.

I’m not sure wether I’m dissapointed or not. Great Episode almost brilliant, but not really a finale, Lets hope series 2 is better, Althought lets hope he keeps his wedding suit. Definate improvement.

wonder what everyone else thought.  


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  1. jefft

    Title says it all.

    I loved it. Huge laughs when Matt handed over the drink!

    Yes, you can nitpick and yes, you can find plot holes. (Who was saying ‘Silence Will Fall?’)


    Loved it from start to end. More please.


    edit: Just watched ‘Confidential’.  

    ‘The Silence’ follows on into next series. There we go, so that’s all right then.. 🙂


  2. tardisbuilder

    I think the main question is can moffat write an episode worthy of Matt Smiths limits and satisfy real doctor who fans. Guess we can only wait for christmas special.

    Hat off to Matts Performance coming close to living up to DT, If the writing was to the same level but not his fault, could have been so much better. I cant help feeling there was so many squandered chances to deliver us a story line that would leave people as gutted as when DT left with only christmas to wait for gagging for more.

    Problem was too much filler not enough spoilers, and we shouldnt have had to wait till confidential to hear the silence is next.

    Blood of the cybermen is slightly better story than city of the daleks. Gameplays still a bit clunky doesnt really satisfy the adult gamer apart from adding the story but does play a lot better. Maybe should have used an engine like unreal that isnt restricted to just mac and pc. im sure license fee payers deserve that quality in my eyes, value added extra’s!

    Found something interesting by acciddent, in the third act just after Amy is captured, find a place to fall to the ground floor and then activate the bottom lift again were your ported to the control of amy who is inside the cyber conversion chamber your stuck there as no sonic to undo the cuffs on the chair even tho amy is no longer in it but quite funny hole.

    I would have liked to see a bit more running in the game, we like the running, lol maybe the chance throw things in the way as you make a daring escape or something, or bit of flexibility in outcome, missing something.

    Big Bang Deserves a second watch, leaves me wondering does moffat need a co-producer maybe RTD should have held his hand this season in handing over the reigns.

  3. tardisbuilder

    I think the thing I felt was missing on reflection, if you compare RTD finale, Everything exploding round his head, certain death, no hope and out of no where, Comes a funny little robot stashed away ina cubboard at the last second like “waters on mars” or “burn with me” or countless other episodes most of them if you think back. more edge of you seat moments was required I think.

    Feels like its digressed not progressed and its not been Matts fault, hes won the battle of winning me over he is the doctor. I almost feel like he’s been let down this season in need of a deeper plot.

    It probably sounds like im being harsh im not, just current series im sure, im not the only one feel a bit like we’ve had half a series. And its not different doctor syndrome!

    Thing im curious about, can SM take original DW mythology and bring it to the screen, in some respects its easier to create an original plot than it is to reintroduce a character from 30 years ago, its the real testiment of being at the reigns of who.

    Daleks, Cybermen easy …. omega, valeyard, rassalon, rani…….. not so easy. Think how hard it would be to bring back John Simm so soon after his departure in “end of time” with real credibility now thats a challenge but also something that could go horribly wrong.

  4. redblu

    As I disagree with all your opinions.

    To my mind Matt Smith has outshone Tenant throughout (and I do love Tenant as an actor, but Smith does alien so fantastically), this series has been the best to date of new who, probably the best since Tom Bakers first year, and this has been the first finale I haven’t gotten genuinely annoyed by how blatantly silly it all was. There may have been the odd hole and contrivance in the Big Bang, but overall it’s been a huge, huge improvement.

    The plot this season was the first to have anything I’d come close to describing as intricate, rather than dropping phrases throughout the season bits and pieces, real clues, were placed for viewers to speculate on.

    Frankly I think Moffat has done a SUPERB job as producer, it was RTD who needed a co-writer (look how well Waters of Mars turned out compared to his usual nonsense).

    We didn’t have to wait till confidential to find out the silence will fall comment was next seasons arc, it was pretty blatantly stated in the final scene in the TARDIS.

  5. tardisbuilder

    Well in the 31 years of watching DW, plus back every back episode on dvd, pretty much every episode ever made, all I can say is maybe im just not a fan of SM, I do agree waters on mars was amazing. Lot of people ive spoke to today agree they dont like the shift its too slow, everyones entitled to theyre opinion.

    Matt had steep hill to climb after DT and he’s done it he’s brilliant. Just feels like ive been into a musuem full of great things id love to touch but im stuck behind a bloody barrier. I just hope next season picks up the pace.

    I think theres probably been 4 1/2 memorable episodes all season just still feels half baked. I’ll be DW fan till the day i die, just dont feel its satified me this season to its potential. Maybe needs 20 episodes at this pace.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      The overall quality of the series has shifted, but I don’t think it’s any better or worse than the previous nu-Who series’. I always find myself enormously entertained during the overblown finales, and it’s only in the cold light of the next day that I usually realise that it’s a flawed ending.

      So, yes, I’m thoroughly confused by the ending of The Big Bang, on a number of levels. But I’ve decided that I was massively impressed by the weight and tone of the rest of the series. I love Matt Smith’s Doctor, and Amy is the most complex companion to travel in the TARDIS in a long time.

      I’d be interested to hear what your most memorable episode of the fifth series are, though.

      1. tardisbuilder

        11th hour:  was brilliant apart from the Atraxi was the big let down to the episode special effects shop should have been sacked for that.

        Beast Below: Came close to memorable if only for the introduction of liz10 but ended poor.

        victory of daleks: I just couldnt warm to it even after re-watch, too early to bring the daleks back.

        Time of Angels: Got a little better, even tho I dreaded the return of the boring angels.

        Flesh and Stone: Got a lot better seemed a bit more of a sense of urgency, Made me believe the second doctor was gonna be such a better story line than it was.

        Vampires in Venice: Now this is were I started to warm to Matt, apart from “the scene tell me the whole plan, One day that will work” that just bordered on the ridiculous too much.

        Amys Choice: First who episode ive ever fell to sleep to, second one almost had the same effect on me.

        Hungry Earth: This got a lot better but still on the fence on this one

        Cold Blood: Matt really comes into his own light here, but the whole concept of two random people with no authority deciding how the human race is gonna move forward is seriously flawed like anyone would listen when they get back to the surface.

        Vincent and the doctor: Bit slow took me a second a third watch to really warm to it but loved the idea of taking vincent to see how he is appreciated in the future was brilliant.

        The lodger: Fun episode, But again felt like a holiday episode they where trying to save budget on again. But this is were Matt truly won me over, I cant imagine DT playing football.

        Pandorica Opens: Amazing episode but promised Big bang would be so much more than it was It was the cement in Matt as the doctor for me.

        Big bang: Good episode on face value, didnt live up to Pandorica opens promises. And the use of the vortex manipulator made everything annoyingly easy. Felt like it should have been episode 6 not 13. The one bit I really enjoyed was the dalek begging for mercy.

        Only few things I can honestly say I think matt needs to improve on for example Flesh and Stone where Amy has to walk as if she can see, Im not saying Matt was bad in that scene, But didnt sell courage or inspiration like DT would have. Othwerwise Matt has been brilliant.

        Certainly hasnt Suppased DT but is certainly on a Parr with him.

        Lets face it RTD was a welcome breath of fresh air for who, we wouldnt have kids today taking up on “Nu-Who” as you call it. Especially if you have watched it Pre 2005 religeously.

        I didnt like the Idea of DT at first, first time i saw him was Showing a picture of him in some elizbethan costume, I’d never heard of him at the time but didnt welcome the idea of it, But to my suprise one episode and he’d won me over, he was the doctor no question.

        Sadly SM didnt deliver the same love for Matt and seriously isnt matts fault its the writing and new style that has had this effect. Maybe it appeals to younger viewers this new style, but for someone who’s watched the show long as i have just feels it lost something.

        1. redblu

          Sadly SM didnt deliver the same love for Matt and seriously isnt matts fault its the writing and new style that has had this effect. Maybe it appeals to younger viewers this new style, but for someone who’s watched the show long as i have just feels it lost something.”


          For the most part from what I’ve observed it’s been the older, “old school” fans who’ve seen this series as an improvement. As someone who has watched this show as long as I have (and essentially given my old VHS obsession with the show that dates back to 1963) this series has been a massive return to form. 

          It’s certainly less childish and panders to the audience less with fewer lowest common denominator jokes (belching bins, farting aliens, don’t even get me started on love and monsters…) and fewer pop culture references. To me that’s where the changes lie, good taste, and I know that’s very much a personal thing, to some people nothing has changed, but the issues that meant I genuinely could not enjoy the past four years (and season 24) are finally gone.

          If you’re not personally a fan of it then so be it, but the common trend I’ve observed has actually been a split between new fans and old, with Steven, despite his best efforts to cater for both, doing a much better job of appealing to old school fans like me.

          And can I just say say how much I loved Amy’s Choice, possibly my favourite episode this series. It’s exactly the kind of wonderful experimental episode that it’s nice to see the show tackling (and another example of something the old school audience loved, quickly rising to the top of episode ranking sites, but which didn’t appeal quite so much to the audience at large).

          1. tardisbuilder

            Only thing I take from amys choice was good sleep but when I forced my self to watch it again, was maybe a good hint valeyard is round the corner and was a mild rendition of what will become of him. Other than that was a bit weak to an extent.

            For many personal reason Tennant tbh after watching so many doctors he is my doctor, as for people saying he appeared too human thats rubbish hes a man with two hearts not two heads, embodied the genius trait better than any doctor before him, I believe Matt can portray it to a similar level.

            Slavine, Please banish them from all who episodes for all eternity I agree hate any introduction of them or suggestion they exist. Along with the Atraxii.

            Love & Monsters that was a low point too I agree its like i said before Holiday Episode.

            Honestly theres things i love about Matt its 110% not about his portrayel.

            If I had my way Matt is the final 13 not 11/12(given DT’s second regeneration) and count peter cushing, never quite got the alternate reality doctor bit about that.

            I think DT’s second regeneration + combined with the hints of the dreamlord. Is an amazing opportunity to bring forth the valeyard.

            Theres a man that never was, and he wants out, since 2005 they have heavily adopted the concept of set points in time that must always happen, Matt is 11th doctor but on 12th regeneration, So since that by adopting this concept so heavily have forced the hand, of the conciousness of the valeyard manifesting within Matt or a tempory regeneration(which id be very un-enthausiastic about) .

            dont mind a second regeneration as matt just darker that could be quite cool, Usual sort of this is my evil twin kinda stuff, slick hair darker eyes, dark clothing. Maybe bit differrent to the usual orange glow.

            Big Bang instead of plot holes was more like a black hole Paradox ridden. If the doctor never existed and then how come the earth was just dandy for one. So the earth was just magically saved all them times hmmm.

            but Dont worry about the history steve moffats here, thats ok to cast history asside. I’m sorry but I could pick holes in it all day long, for a finale and answered pretty much bugger all Theyre smoking some serious stuff in bbc towers if they think it was an appropriate response to so many questions. Its just not finale quality.

            To be honest id have swapped one line round and changed the backwards time stream bit for a cameo role, instead Matt saying I hate re-runs, a violent backwards regeneration and Becomes DT for few seconds and then in his usual manner says I hate re-runs and ends the time stream steps through the crack, Imagine the few minutes leading up to amy’s wedding people on theyre seats knowing shes gonna remember him but who’s coming back DT or Matt and then outsteps Matt in his wedding suit.

            It certainly not that im not a fan of it, just we’ve had better and now we expect that as standard. To Be fair I think Previously I didnt care about RTD for the reason it was good i didnt need to care. But the change well I want the pace and sense of urgency back that its lost some of.

            Maybe its SM, Maybe its BBC giving less cash, I dunno but whats been lost need bringing back pronto. 

          2. redblu

            The Earth survived because it was at the epicentre of the explosion, with the universe collapsing inwards, quite eloquently described as “the eye of the storm”. Yes every sun was burnt out but it was kept warm by the TARDIS exploding, also explained in the confines of the episode.

            It may not be perfect science, but it is at least coherant, as opposed to what we’d become accustomed to in finales (regenerations from severed hands, tractor beaming planets, dalek-destructo-matic buttons). For the plot holes there were some genuinely clever elements thrown into the mix.

            The Big Bang was full of paradoxes… yes, it’s a show about time travel and there is no way around it, if time travel were possible paradoxes would occur, that’s not a writing mistake (even if it might have been a cop-out), it’s an intelligent use of the concept:


            As to not answering questions… again that was intentional. It answered a lot, everything from the cracks to the “continuity error” in flesh and stone, Amy’s life and the question of Rory. The questions it left open were intentionally to be resolved in the next season, something of which I approve whole heartedly.

            I do have issues with the finale, for example Amy remembering the TARDIS back into existance, but it still remains the best to my mind.

            As for giving a proper set of cameos in the finale? How inappropriate would that be to the pacing. Given the number of loving nods the series has given to the previous Doctors (Tenant included, Eleveth Hour and the Lodger spring immediately to mind), probably more than previous seasons, it seems a bizarre criticism to make.

          3. tardisbuilder

            I didn’t mean how did the Earth survive when the universe was collapsing in on itself. The point the doctor ended his time stream, until the point amy remembered him he didnt exist ever.

            So how was it, the earth hadnt been taken over or blown to bits a million times before?. Pompey for instance? Or that amy was even alive in the current day for her to remember him.

            To have given a touch of reality to the situation and explain it they could have done one thing to clear it would be the worlds in ruin amys a survivor and something triggers her to remember the doctor and the world changes around her(which could be very cool) and all of a suddens shes at her wedding with parents and co. Doctors missing and then in comes the tardis how the rest of it played out before.

            Skipping the pointless scene of her waking up, seeing her parents for first time, because would it be young ameila who got to remember not older amy.

            Wasnt a strange criticism just thinking you could have really gone to town on the end of that sequence.

  6. tardisbuilder

    and another thing, look it up in any dictionary, wtf does “non technological technology of lamastein” mean. I know what I assume it means, i.e. he used simple earth objects i.e. a washing line, boat oar, watch,. …….,…… to construct a complex system, much the same as professor yana did.

    but still id like an absolute definition of the word lamastein.

    1. redblu

      …but the concept is simple enough, technology which wouldn’t be recognised as alien by the “lodger”, in other words entirely terrestrial.

      The Doctor loves fake terminology.

       It must be a spatial-temporal hyperlink.”

      “And what does that mean?”

      “No idea, just made it up. Didn’t want to say magic door”.

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