Doctor Who Christmas Special 2011 to be set in World War 2

Steven Moffat’s obsession with World War II is about to reappear as Doctor Who heads back to the wartime era for the 2011 Christmas Special.

This time The Doctor poses as a caretaker in a house in Dorset and takes a widow and her two children on a magical adventure. If last year’s Christmas Special was based loosely around Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, then by all accounts, this one is ‘inspired’ by The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Here’s the official synopsis:

The special, set during World War 2, sees Madge Arwell and her two children, Lily and Cyril, evacuated to a draughty old house in Dorset, where the caretaker is a mysterious young man in bow tie, and a big blue parcel is waiting for them under the tree. They are about to enter a magical new world and learn that a Time Lord never forgets his debts…

Claire Skinner – previously seen in Outnumbered – plays the widow Madge Arwell in the festive Doctor Who episode. She’s joined by Bill Bailey, Arabella Weir and Alexander Armstrong. Skinner says of the role:

I am thrilled to be in Doctor Who playing Madge who is a bit of super-mum.  It’s a magical part.

Steven Moffat has, of course, given his venerable take on the Christmas episode. As always, he’s effervescent when describing the qualities of Matt Smith as The Doctor:

The Doctor at Christmas – nothing is more fun to write. Maybe because it’s so his kind of day – everything’s bright and shiny, everybody’s having a laugh, and nobody minds if you wear a really stupid hat. Of all the Doctors, Matt Smith’s is the one that was born for this time of year – so it’s the best news possible that he’s heading back down the chimney.

The eagle eyed among you will no doubt have spotted that there’s no mention of Amy Pond or Rory, both of whom were unceremoniously dumped (for their own protection) by The Doctor at the end of The God Complex. Which will have obvious implications for the series finale next week. We already know that Closing Time is Pond-free. But will the finale – The Wedding Of River Song – feature Rory and Amy? Surely the Ponds will be in attendance at their daughter’s wedding?

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  1. pirho

    The Post you Never wanted to hear,but alway knew would arive one day !

    by Karen Gillan on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 4:15pm

    Karen Gillan has revealed that she will not make any further appearances in Doctor Who once she leaves.

    The Amy Pond actress, who has played Matt Smith’s Doctor companion for two series, believes that any potential cameo return would lessen the impact of her departure on the sci-fi drama.

    She told The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2012: “Death would be an option. I don’t want Amy to pop up again every so often, because for me it would take away from the big, emotional goodbye.

    “Once she’s gone, she’s gone. I want people to remember the Amy Pond era as a good one.”

    Speaking to Graham Norton on Radio 2, the 23-year-old admitted that she is unsure of her future on the show.

    Gillan said: “I don’t really know what’s going on, to be honest… the time is going to come when Amy and Rory (Arthur Darvill) have to leave.

    “It’s inevitable… I will welcome the new companion with open arms. But I don’t know what kind of companion he’d have next.”

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