Doctor Who Comic Relief special: The TARDIS gets broken because of Amy Pond’s short skirts

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Fans who tuned into tonight’s Comic Relief early this evening were rewarded with a special two-part [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] episode!

The episode, written by Steven Moffat and titled “Space”, saw The Doctor and his companions getting into a fix. How? Well imagine Rory working below deck and staring right up the tantalisingly short denim skirt that Amy Pond likes to wear…and then dropping a thermal coupling.

In breaking the TARDIS, the exterior of the ship ends up inside it. Causing a terrible loop in which nothing can ever leave the TARDIS again! For example, if The Doctor walks into the doors of the TARDIS, he ends up coming back through the external doors. It’s the most muddled, timey-wimey situation The Doctor’s ever been in.

To complicate matters, new versions of Amy, and then Rory start appearing through the doors of the TARDIS, confusing everybody further. Oh, here – see for yourselves what happened:

Excellent mini-adventure that should tide us all over until [[The Impossible Astronaut (Doctor Who episode)|The Impossible Astronaut]] kicks off Series 6 in a few short weeks. 

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