Doctor Who: Duplicate Doctor Stranded in Time?

So far, much of the chatter about the Impossible Astronaut seems to have been about the Silence, with most reviewers saying ‘obviously the Doctor won’t die REALLY’.

The cast throw ‘is he a Clone or a duplicate?’ into the conversation, and Canton Everett Delaware (the third) counters by saying ‘that surely is the Doctor, and he surely is dead’.

And yet…

The older Doctor arrives in a remote spot, but by car. No TARDIS. Hmm.

The Doctor under the skirts at the beginning is reported by Amy to disappear in a ‘flying globe’. This is clearly not a TARDIS, and sounds more like a Sontaran ship, or (given a little leeway) the ship that was on top of the house in last series’ ‘The Lodger’. (I may have spotted a hot air balloon in the book… first recorded flight was 1793, but it wouldn’t have been mysterious, just a larger balloon than anyone had seen before)

Why is this Doctor trying to draw attention to himself? It would seem as though he was stranded and wanted to be rescued, except that:

a) He had plenty of of other past companions to call upon.

b) He knew where he had already been.. so could have hid behind a tree and stowed away in the TARDIS for a bit

c) He’s having fun doing it.. thats like making an SOS sign on the beach using chocolate cake. Possible, but not the most efficient way to do it.


Anyway, in summary, to me it looks like there are at least two actual Doctors in TIA, rather than one at different points on the timeline. (They did that in Flesh and Stone)

(picture from, which actually turned out to be very interesting!)



  1. Emperor Gregor

    I thought that the doctor was just having fun attracting attention to himself. Now – yes, I do think they are one big clue. If he’s been killed then there are a few interesting options:

    a) he has stashed his personality away somewhere as he did with River’s, waiting for resurrection after being shot. He saves River, she saves him. (my current favourite theory and nicely circular)

    b) he is stuck in cyberspace or wherever after the Silence is dealt with and he needs help in getting back (against this, it’s just been done. For it, that set a precedent)

    c) We think the Tardis got blown up in the Big Bang, and remembered and returned, but it has yet to happen – hence the car and no Tardis. Of course, it could be right there and invisible just as in the Oval Office.

    d) The thing is – we’ve all just accepted that he was 1000 plus because that’s what he said. Rule One. The Doctor lies. It;s like the way we all accept Father Octavian’s version of events because thats what he believes. The doctor is definitely 2 doctors of different age, though. As to what age? …. They went to a lot of trouble to make 1000 plus look tired (he’s been running hard lately) and a bit – well, not scared, but wary of the fate in store for him. 

  2. Emperor Gregor

    I just thought – I also thought he looked awfully tired and old and weary in the Pandorica as he went to crash it into the crack in time. (watched the recording just yesterday) He looked like 1000 plus doctor. Mmmm. Also – THAT was raggedy. Did you see how the threads were coming apart on his shoulders. A real raggedy doctor. Something’s going on there. I bet you. 

  3. sgreco1970

    I do feel this is somehow all related to Pandorica because at the end of the pre-season special, narrated by the actor who plays CED III, he explained how they saved the universe and then added, “but things are never that easy.”

    I recall Rory noticing the conveniently-placed canoe nearby, “look, a boat” when it came time to cremate the doctor’s body and I can’t help but assume that at some point the 5 of them will set everything up -amy will mail the invitations and rory will be stuck dragging the boat ;p

    Its entirely possible there are somehow two doctors, and that the person in the suit, doing the shooting, is none other than the Doctor. Perhaps even hinted at by him donning the space helmet and lifting the visor in the floridian hideout.

    Still, I don’t think it would be nearly as dramatic as it being River who pulls the trigger. And if its the younger River, then it fits the notion of her killing “the best man (she) ever knew. Canton did say, “that most certainly is the Doctor, and he most certainly is dead.” I think a clone or duplicate would defeat that statement.

    I, too, noticed he looked tired as his 1103 year old self. I think they even went to the trouble of not having him sleep before that shot, as he had genuine bags under his eyes.

    As for the TARDIS, sure we didn’t see it by the station wagon when he was 1103, but we also didnt see it outside the diner when his younger self appeared. Heck, we also didn’t see just how River managed her escape from Stormcage. She hadn’t picked up the time agent device yet, that won’t happen, for her, until Pandorica, so how did she get out?

    I think the flying globe is indeed a hot air balloon, and maybe something that will be explained later. It also could somehow be the fellow from “the Next Doctor,” whose “TARDIS” was a hot air balloon. What we cannot deny was his insertion into Laurel and Hardy. But when did he do that? Surely, the version of him that sent the serious and cryptic map code invitations didn’t decide to back that up by dancing with Fat and Skinny (who, in real life, btw, were deeply in love with one another and when Stan Laurel passed away, Oliver Hardy was so broken hearted he would never perform again because it couldn’t be together.)

    1. Emperor Gregor

      Is the doctor in the Pandorica flying off to save the universe Amy’s RAGGEDY doctor. I think it looks the most raggedy of all his outfits in all his adventures. AND that doctor (in the Pandorica) looks old and worn, just like 1000 plus.

    2. Emperor Gregor

      Rory notices a boat and says “look, a boat”.

      No-one seems to have had any moral objection  to taking someone’s boat and setting fire to it without their permission . Maybe even leaving them stranded. (it wasn’t exactly secure from thieves in a permanent shelter, just pulled up on the bank.) We know – well, surmise – that Rory probably put it there for just that purpose, but they don’t.


      1. sgreco1970

        well and lets be real here, they’re in Arizona, not on mars. You just try setting someone’s dead body on fire in a lake on a stolen boat and see how long before copters and cop cars bear down on you. I think quite a bit of suspension of disbelief was called for here, but when isn’t it in Doctor Who hehe

  4. Emperor Gregor

    I’m more interested in that diary. If they are meeting in a straight line on her timeline forwards, why ask? She’d remember. It’s as though it’s a reference book dr 1000yrs plus gave her – that is the way in which he knew all about her, perhaps.

    Re the Pandorica Look at how REALLY raggedy he is in the Pandorica as he flies off to seal the crack in the universe. And old and careworn more like 1000 plus doctor. Now THAT I suspect is Amy’s raggedy doctor. I think he did go back when that little girl was waiting on the suitcase. And never turned up again for years. The question is – which one was the raggedy doctor?

  5. sgreco1970

    well it could be so, I suppose. I think he looked raggedy in pandorica because he was dying after being shot by a dalek. I think anything more would be so contrived the script would explode. Like, alternate timeline doctor sends shot-dead earlier alternate timeline doctor to the beach to get finished off by an alien in a spacesuit whilst original alternate timeline doctor rides the pandorica into the tardis and then gets remembered as current timeline doctor by Amy? Good lord, I hope not.

  6. sgreco1970

    I checked the bow-tie…

    In series 5 the doctor had a dark red bow-tie with the exception of the Christmas special wherein he had a black crepe bow-tie.

    Now, in series 6 he still has the black tie. Both the 909 and 1103 year old versions of himself wear the black tie.

    So, i went back to Pandorica / big bang and checked; he is wearing the red tie both throughout the episode as well as as his future self in the pandorica / dead on the marble floor.

    The only oddity I found was in Astronaut. At the very beginning of the episode, he is naked hiding under a woman’s dress. First, the camera pans past his clothing. It is topped by the red bow tie, which we never see again.

    If he lost all of his clothing in that escapade and ended up getting a similar outfit, this time with black tie, he must’ve THEN gone and taken rory and amy on their honeymoon.

  7. Emperor Gregor

    I think we need to start paying attention to the Doctor’s right shoulder as well as his tie. I think that when he’s in a different tie – difficult to tell sometimes because of the lighting (do you think that’s deliberate?) he has a few threads loose around the shoulders. Then he isn’t. Goes with the theory that there are 2 doctors. I still think it’s possible there is a third doctor out there.


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