Doctor Who Fan Drawings!

Hi guys. Just a quick post this afternoon to share my drawing of the TARDIS with you. I doodled this one a week ago using some metallic colour pens my son had left lying around.

I’ve been dying to do a few Doctor Who-themed drawings for a while now, and what I’m building toward is a stylised version of the TARDIS – kind of what you see here, but I’d like one that’s smoother and not so sketchy.

I thought this might be a good thread for other people who dabble in Doctor Who fan art to post their pictures of Doctors and TARDISes and various monsters from the series. By the way, the monster in these images is just some generic thing I dreamt up. Bit of a squish tentacle monster with one big bug eye. Well, I like him.

Come on, Shouters, let’s see what you’ve got!

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