Doctor Who finale: Let’s bash this out – The Name Of The Doctor. John Hurt. Impossible Clara.

Hey folks. Sorry I’m late with this Series 7 finale post, but I’m in the middle of my second viewing right now. Obviously John Hurt spinning round in the final moments of the episode and the caption “Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor” is an explosive revelation by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m just not sure about the rest of the episode. Not yet anyway. I feel like the Great Intelligence and the Whisper Men were hollow cyphers to move The Doctor to a certain place and time. I don’t fully understand how the Great Intelligence needed to dive into The Doctor’s time stream considering he was chasing down companions in several different time zones already – how was he moving between them with his Whisper Men?

And don’t get me started on River Song. Still in the library apparently, but somehow able to travel as a “data ghost” or some such Moffatese (a completely implausible language that only makes sense if you’re Steven Moffat).

Like I say, still processing. Feel free to tell me what you loved and/or hated about the episode, and if you’ve got explanations for any of what I’ve just raised (or were similarly baffled by it), drop me a comment here!

My feeling is that Moffat has gone for shock and awe – the revelation about Clara gave classic-era Whovians something to fangasm about, especially with the intercuts with old footage. And the ending was a twist that I’d read a rumour about somewhere, I just didn’t believe it. The bits in between may have been incredibly ropey.

Also – the TARDIS as tomb. Interesting that The Doctor was ‘buried’ in the current incarnation of the machine. Any clues as to what that might mean?

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  1. pirho

    First of all, I love how Clara fit into this whole thing, its like it was predestined for her and the Doctor to meet, and the face that River is still alive is even better!  We haven’t seen enough of River this season, and I’m glad that she came back.

    Now this is what I posted on the other topic about the name of the Doctor. (Which turns out was a red herring).

    My take on this, and bear with me because this is going to get confusing.

    Since The Fields of Trenzalore, is the final resting place of The Doctor, and his “tears” are his entire life span, both future, past and present. And because he stepped into it, he would now know his own future, in fact I think he knew it before otherwise how would the TARDIS know that they were crossing his own time line?

    John Hurt is the Valeyard, and the Valeyard is The Doctor. Since it has already been established that the Valeyard is the evil amalgamation in The Doctor, it makes sense that it is him. The Great Intelligence said he [The Doctor] will have other names before the end. The Storm. The Beast. The Valeyard. So it would fit that this is correct. Only the Valeyard would be the evil, in him. The reason The Doctor was referring to him in the past tense was because for him it was the past, since his future is now his present, and the minute the present is over it becomes the past.

    Side note, if you look carefully, you will notice that when Vastra, and Trax look up after arriving on The Fields of Trenzalore, you see the reverse image of the words Police Box, which either is a big boo boo, on the production,, or they were looking at the sign from inside the TARDIS. And if the later, how did they get in it? Who opened the doors to let them in? And if they were inside already when The Great Intelligence arrived, wasn’t he also inside?

    And did you notice the crack on the TARDIS door’s window? The same crack that is shown on the future TARDIS’ window (the one that is his tomb). Keep and eye on the TARDIS from now on, notice is the crack will go away or not.

  2. sgreco1970

    Well, let’s start with the good. I loved the scenes of all the different doctors and the many incarnations of Clara. I found the notion that she was split into bazillions of eras a worthwhile solution to her puzzle. I loved the TARDIS “gravestone.” I loved seeing River one more time. I loved seeing clara talking to Hartnell and directing him to the right TARDIS. A gem. And of course I SCREAMED when I saw John Hurt as the Doctor. That had better be amazing.

    Now the bad. The GI and his whisper men were pointless and confusing. I didnt like him in snowmen and I doubly disliked him in this. The writing for that was confusing and dreadful. While I loved seeing River, to claim she was just a data ghost and that she was dying annoyed me. I always wanted him to rescue her from CAL. The really bad? “You can’t go in there or you’ll die!” -she didnt die. “I can’t go in there or I’ll die!” -he didn’t die. Confusing, pointless and lame. Frankly, I’d have had enormous respect if she had actually died to save him. Also, while I loved the reason behind her seeming impossiblity, there clearly were zero clues along the way and thus it felt out of the blue. This season was terrible and before you blame Moffat, notice he barely put pen to page -and maybe that’s the real problem. these newbies writing for the show this season stunk. He should either dive in wholeheartedly or quit and give it to someone hungry for Who.


    The indifferent. Or should I say puzzling? So, during all the clara X chases doctor Y montages, she appeared to actually BE Ace. Was she? Why was she??? WTF was that?

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