Doctor Who: Hand of a skeleton clutching a sonic screwdriver?

A lot of people missed this, but at the end of last night’s Doctor Who mid-season finale, there was a brief shot of a skeletal hand clutching a sonic screwdriver. As we watch, the green light from the screwdriver fades and dies. A caption came on screen beforehand which read “Time Runs Out”.

This has me baffled on a number of levels. Here’s a few random ideas/observations:

  1. Is it [[The Doctor (Doctor Who)|The Doctor’s]] hand? There’s no sleeve or clothing to identify who the bony arm belongs to. If it is The Doctor’s hand, then that’s even more confusing, because…
  2. Didn’t he ‘die’ already in The Impossible Astronaut? Viking funeral on a Nevada lake, remember? If it is The Doctor. And not his clone. Because when the Flesh avatars die, they turn to white goop, don’t they?
  3. What’s it got to do with Killing Hitler? We know the next episode (due in the autumn) is called [[Let’s Kill Hitler (Doctor Who episode)|Let’s Kill Hitler]]. But if there’s any kind of continuity from A Good Man Goes To War, The Doctor should be off hunting for the infant River Song. 
  4. Could it be Amy Pond? I’ve just read this post on Doctor Who TV, which shows filming – presumably for Let’s Kill Hitler – showing a clone Amy. Two Amys, and one of them has a sonic screwdriver according to the article. Worryingly, Pond could be a goner in the second half of series 6…

As always, no matter how many answers we get from [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]], we always seem to end up with more questions. So tell me: who does the skeletal arm belong to? And what’s it got to do with what we’ve seen of the series so far?

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  1. msbeadsley

    We’re meant to think this is a post-death scene. But what if it’s the Doctorganger putting himself painstakingly back together? (We were told it didn’t have to be the end, and he ended with a SS in his hand…)

    1. sgreco1970

      of course, last we saw the sonic screwdriver, it was in rory’s possession as he used it to open the cell door to get to Amy. So for all we know, its rory’s hand…

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