Doctor Who: How will The Doctor escape the Pandorica?

There are a ton of Doctor Who-related things I want to talk to you about this week. First and foremost – how will [[The Doctor (Doctor Who)|The Doctor]] escape the Pandorica?

In case you’re wondering, the Pandorica is the huge box that contains a slew of technologies designed to capture the most dangerous creature in the universe. And if you were watching on Saturday night, you’ll know that the creature who was captured was…The Doctor.

Despite pleading with his enemies that their assumptions were wrong – someone else could pilot the [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDIS]], and it was about to explode anyway – the host of Cybermen, Daleks and Autons, etc threw him in the box and locked it up.

But the Combom blog, as usual, has advanced a theory for how our hero escapes from this awesome prison. Some eagle-eyed person has spotted that River Song’s vortex manipulator was lying around underneath Stonehenge after she left to go on her ill-fated TARDIS expedition. And this advances the two-doctors theory we talked about in [[Flesh And Stone (Doctor Who episode)|Flesh And Stone]] – that The Doctor who was returning to [[Amy Pond]] in the forest was wearing a Vortex Manipulator. Now I’ve had a look through this screencap gallery for the episode, but I can’t see the device on his wrist. Perhaps it’s on the other hand?

Either way, a vortex manipulator might explain why the second Doctor arrived so silently.

However, there are a few flaws in that one – how can The Doctor operate the vortex manipulator with his hands locked down? And if the Pandorica is loaded with escape-proof technologies, surely it’ll be capable of stopping a vortex manipulator?

On the other hand, if Song still has the vortex manipulator, perhaps she can escape the exploding TARDIS and return to rescue The Doctor? But are either Song or Amy capable of unlocking that box, or can they convince the Daleks or Cybermen to do it for them?

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  1. Jeffrey Scott

    Perhaps the escape proof technology is only to stop someone from breaking out or breaking in. But I agree, I don’t buy that the answer should be that simple. Safeties would logically be installed to stop any form of teleportation to be used into or out of the Pandorica.

    My crackpot theory- It’s just as possible one of the alien races being used are double agents, secretly working FOR the Doctor. In a 100 years time the Silurians may form a truce with the Humans and attempt to rescue the Doctor. Or perhaps the Daleks, who would certainly want to ex-ter-min-ate the Doctor despite any alleged alliance. The Sontarans might have devised a ploy to rescue the Doctor, enslave him and use his time and space knowledge to help them in their war with the Rutons. The next episode will end with the Doctor having been rescued, but we won’t know who did it. This will lead into the next series where each episode will highlight each of the many races in their attempts at betraying the other races and using the Doctor to their own means. But who will ultimately claim the Doctor as a prize? There can be only one.

  2. Mitnik

    Great Questions.

    I’ve been wondering about Riversong and her arrest for Murder and how that might fit into the finale, especially with the idea floating about RE: Regeneration & Multiple Doctors, and also the throw away comment from Moffat that Riversong is not who we all seem to think she is.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      The thing about River Song’s storyline is that it doesn’t have to be resolved in this series. She’s had an overarching enigma attached to her character since Silence In The Library, and she should probably always have something that we can’t quite put our fingers on.

      That could well be a sixth series kind of storyline, making it all look like a longer view to the series. I think just containing those comments to series 5 is kind of limiting on the character.

      1. Mitnik

        So true..

        and it’d be a shame to wrap up Riversong as she is a character than entices, entertains and also infuriates.. (If I hear “Spoilers” one more time *lol*) it’ll be interesting to see what her part in this is though and if this is what leads to her being in prison and what that means for the Doctor & next series.

  3. Jeffrey Scott

    What would be really interesting is to find out exactly in what order Riversons time line truly is. Also I’m keen on keeping that bit about “Who or what” she is. She’s supposed to be the Doctors wife, but from when? How about what? An auton? The Rani?

    Also, is it me or with each time we meet her are we going back further into her life? The first time we meet her she was at the end of her life. Then with the angels she was working on getting a pardon from prison. At the start of this episode she is in prison. Something tells me we will see her again next season. Perhaps at a point when she is still married to the Doctor, then there will be an episode where the Doctor finally meets her and she won’t recognize him (her first meeting him).

  4. Mitnik

    One idea that made me chuckle, is that River might actually be the Doctors Mother. (My mum calls me Sweetie, and used curse about letting me out on my own *lol*) but your right we are definitely meeting her in what seems to be a backwards order.

  5. johnseavey

    The Alliance imprisoned the Doctor, thinking that would stop the detonation of the TARDIS and the formation of the cracks. Meaning they assumed no more cracks would form. Meaning that they didn’t account for a crack in time forming inside the Pandorica. My theory is that the Doctor, like Prisoner Zero, escapes through the crack and winds up on the Byzantium.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      That’s a good theory, John. Actually, when you think about it, if the cracks were already forming across space and time, wasn’t it already too late to try and stop them?

  6. Jeffrey Scott

    Riversong IS the Doctor. I like that theory. In a crazy round-about way. Wasn’t there some throw-away comment a while back about outlawing marriage to yourself? LOL

    I can’t recall but I thought for sure it was just an episode or two back.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Funniest one I heard was that River Song was the TARDIS – she can fly it expertly, knows The Doctor’s name and everything about his life. It’s a fun theory, except it doesn’t take Forest of the Dead/Silence In The Library into account!

  7. Michael Dunne-willows

    The First thing that occured to me about his escapewas the possible allies he’s gained over the years, the most likely to save him, other than Song or Rory (or Amy if she gets revived), is the ood! because they still owe the doctor big time for when he saved them on that white planet with Catherine Tait. Nearly all of the doctors past encountering aliens are present so The Ood should make an appearence too.

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