Doctor Who: Joanna Page to play ‘long lost relative’ of The Doctor

Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page may be about to become the latest star of [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]], if this article by the Daily Star is right.

The newspaper reports that Page has signed on to play a “long lost relative of the Time Lord in two episodes”. There are precious few ‘relatives’ of The Doctor, so speculation is rife that Page may be signing on to play Susan Foreman, the companion and so-called granddaughter of the original Doctor, [[William Hartnell]].

In the post-2005 series, The Doctor had some of his DNA stolen and used to create a female warrior who was named Jenny by Catherine Tate’s character, Donna Noble. However, it’s thought that this isn’t the character in question, since Georgia Moffat would be capable of playing that role.

Since the current [[Doctor Who Series 5|fifth series]] is in full swing, if Page is to make an appearance, it’ll more than likely be in the two-part series finale. A show source has implied that her appearance might be a test for a long-term role as a companion on the show. If Page’s character turns out to be Susan Foreman, that could result in a veritable nerdgasm as the new series connects to one of the oldest characters in Doctor Who’s long history.

According to The Star’s show source, they think that if Joanna’s role works out, she could become a regular fixture in the TARDIS:

Joanna could be massive for the show.

She’s been offered two episodes and if that goes well the sky’s the limit.

She’ll start off as a long-lost relative of the Doctor but may then become a major player.

So, what do you think readers? Would a return of the Doctor’s granddaughter be a good thing for the series?

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  1. Emperor Gregor

    As a companion? Possibly, but only if River comes back as well, in a sort of modern family unit as the step mother or step grandmother. I know Alex Kingston wants to return. And Moffat loves writing for her. So possibly, yes. We might get what we hope for.

    The danger of creating a huge character arc like River and teasing us with it for months, then pulling away the rug and not following up is that you lose viewers.

    I’ve built – we’ve all built – this massive story in our heads. I don’t think I could watch a different version of the doctor’s reality. It wouldn;t be “true”.

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