Doctor Who: New series, new questions.

So, its a brand new series, and with it comes brand new questions for us all to ponder and pick over. Feel free to add your questions, as well as your voice to the discussion.

1) so, Amy remembers “fish custard.” How much of what un-happened does she recall? Did it all un-happen? She seems to now have a mom and dad, so even if the doctor did appear in her past they surely had a slightly different conversation. is this an alternate Amy?

2) Is River the young girl in the spacesuit in 1969? Is she also in the spacesuit in 2011? If so, why doesn’t she remember everything? Is the Doctor the man she’s fated to kill, which lands her in Stormcage?

3) Is River Amy’s daughter?

4) When did the Doctor start keeping a journal, and is it the same one River has? The cover of the doctor’s is only on screen for a moment, and is bent over and hard to see, but its clearly the same one River has except…does it bear the same circular symbol put back onto the tardis in series 5 after its long absence?

If I come up with more, I’ll edit them into here. If any of you post a particularly good question, I’ll enter it into here as well.

Let the discussions begin πŸ˜‰

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  1. sgreco1970

    I think River is indeed the woman (its clearly a woman) in the spacesuit on the shore that kills the doctor. That’s the murder that sends her, somehow to Stormcage. Proof? She can’t kill her past self, she tries. She stands on the shore and fire bullets and fails to kill the doctor’s killer. Then she pauses and says, “Of course not…” because she knows she cannot kill herself in the past.

  2. jefft

    <I>She stands on the shore and fire bullets and fails to kill the doctor’s killer. Then she pauses and says, “Of course not…” because she knows she cannot kill herself in the past.</I>

    But can’t remember doing it in her past? I think it’s the Doctor in the spacesuit.

    Cant touch himself due to Blinovitch effect. The dead Doctor has been on the run for a long time from himself.. One of them is a clone. But that does then suggest that much of River’s shared memories have been with the ‘dead’ Doctor.

    1. Emperor Gregor

      Well, there are 200 more years of time to fill in between 111 yr old doctor and 909 yr old. There’s at least 2 more incidents because when they compared diaries the doctor aged 111 had done them both with River, but the other one hadn’t.

      How come Doctor no. 11 gets to be 200

  3. sgreco1970

    maybe she barely remembers? she was very young if that little girl is her. maybe she’s keeping it all a secret? maybe, like we learned in christmas carol, the memories are written as it happens. Good point tho, I just dont know. cant wait to find out πŸ˜‰

    this so shouldve been a 2 hr special to open the season with, i was already in withdrawl halfway thru ;p

  4. Emperor Gregor

    Just watched the Impossible Astronaut again.

    It was interesting watching River and Rory, as River opens the service hatch and relates her story to Rory. I am beginning to wonder if this scene isn’t about her at all, but Rory himself. She tells him how she met the Doctor for the first time as a young girl. He dropped out of the sky and knew all about her. Imagine, she says, what that can do to a girl. Rory’s sombre response is “I don’t have to” (imagine it, he means). I suspect he’s thinking about the effect on Amy when the Doctor did just that to her – and I don’t think that was a happy thought. At that particular moment, I don’t think he likes the doctor very much. A bit jealous, even.

    1. sgreco1970

      Oh that’s definitely what Rory’s comment meant. But im not sur eif he’s so much jealous as he realzies how hard, impossible even, it is for a man to compete with the Doctor. Rory can spend his entire life flipping over backwards to impress Amy and the Doctor would beat that with one genius comment and a wry flip of a TARDIS lever. Rory isn’t the hot bod that Amy passed up for him, he’s mr. ordinary, and has probably had to work twice as hard to get her. What he’s not noticing is, tho, that he got her. The hot guy with the internet porn habit, the Doctor -all lost to Rory. And if they’re truly aware of all that transpired the year prior, she knows how Rory stood silent sentinel over Amy for 2000 years while she was in the Pandorica. Beat that, Doctor.

  5. Gerard McGarry

    Fish custard? That whole ‘universe reboot’ storyline continues to baffle me. I’m confused as to whether the events of the fifth series actually happened or not!

    I think it would be very interesting if River turned out to be Amy’s daughter, so that would hopefully rule out the idea that River was the child Amy shot at. Of course, the other point worth raising about the child is that the spoiler for next week shows Amy apologising to the child – so there’s more to the shooting storyline than meets the eye.

    Initially, I thought that the astronaut was shooting The Doctor in revenge for Amy’s shooting. But if the child comes back in the next episode, what does that signify?

    Finally – the ‘Silent’ appeared in the present day as The Doctor and chums were having their picnic: what does it mean that they’re present in 1969 and 2011?

    1. sgreco1970

      yeah rebooting the universe has really complicated stuff for me, I’d have preferred another solution to season 5.

      Even if River is Amy’s child, she can be the atsronaut. Amy can end up taking a tardis ride back to 1960 and giving birth. we just don’t know.

      Its also oddly possible that River could be Amy’s mother, and Amy be giving birth to the Doctor’s grand daughter, who could even end up being dumped in the past in the care of a younger version of the doctor (i.e. she could be susan foreman and left with hartnell, finally explaining THAT bugaboo). Amy and River constantly bop around time and space, any of them could give birth in any era and who knows how it will all work out. Also, amy, despite just having gotten parents, could still turn out to be adopted… Why would any of this make sense? There is yet to be some explanation about why Amy is so unusual. What made her able to withstand the crack in the universe? The interveiws before the season opener kept stating that there is much more to Amy and we’ll find out this season why she’s so special. The answer could be that she is the doctor and rtiver’s daughter and thus she is part timelord.

  6. jefft

    Didn’t Amy say ‘but you look Human’, to which the Doctor replies ‘You look Timelord.. we came first’ in The Beast Below?


  7. Emperor Gregor

    I want to know what’s going on with the diary. I just don;t believe in it. We only have River’s word for it that is what it is. If you meet someone in a straight line in your time line you dont need to ask if you have done xyz yet. I think the Doctor have River the diary. methinks – that is what she meant when she said he knew all about her. It’d her reference book. That’s why he’s not allowed to see inside. He’d recognise the writing.

  8. sgreco1970

    So, in the previews for this next episode amongst pirates, i see the red bowtie is back.

    there has to be significance to this.

    I did my homework, he is wearing the red bowtie through all of season 5, including both versions of himself in pandorica. It suddenly becomes black in the christmas special and stays black until this next episode. However, in Astronaut, despite it being a black and white movie, you can clearly tell he is wearing the red bowtie in the laurel and Hardy film -stan laurel is clearly wearing black. Also, no matter which version of the doctor you see in astronaut, future or present, he is in the black tie. But in the opening sequence, when he is hiding under the woman’s dress naked, and his clothes are piled nearby, the pile is topped by his red bowtie.

    The magazine cover showing a clip from the doctor’s wife, if indeed the snipped image of the doctor is from that episode and not a stock photo, shows him in the red tie.

    what can this mean? Is this the clone clue?

    The more I consider it, the more I think maybe he is a clone. Maybe not all the time, maybe just the 1100 year old version of himself. I think the clue was him supposedly never having had wine before. Wanna bet before the season ends, we’ll see him drinking wine and get a meaningful glare from Amy noticing it?

  9. jefft

    >> I think the clue was him supposedly never having had wine before. <<

    Thats a good spot.I find it hard to imagine that the ‘real’ Doctor hasn’t had wine before in 900+ years spent in the company of people like Van Gough to name but one..

    1. ajd

      He has had wine before. In The Lodger he drank some out of a glass, then spat it out. 

      I think as they made such a big thing of it in Astronaut it is a clue to something, but I’m not sure what. It could be cloning.

      1. Emperor Gregor

        Add this clue to their ages. Matt Smith at 1103 dies. Tennant, at 903 dies. Two years later, Matt Smith aged 909 investigates the mystery with River. 

        Wrong age.

  10. Emperor Gregor

    We’ve all missed something.

    Just watched David Tennant die in The End of Time. He told Wilf he was 903. Two seasons later the Doctor on the picnic is 1103 and the Doctor who got the letter is 909. I’ve just checked. The Doctor who got the letter is THE WRONG AGE.

    I’m not sure how significant it is, but I make it that he’s at least 3 years too old.

    There’s a third doctor out there, somewhere.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Is that not a bit arbitrary? I mean, in the episode where Amy tried to molest The Doctor in her bedroom, didn’t he say there he was 906? Give it a season, plus what seems to be a decent break when Amy and Rory stopped travelling with him, and doesn’t it make sense that he might be 909?

  11. sgreco1970

    I assume there are times when the Doctor says, “I’ll be back in an hour” and an hour later he does show up, an hour later for YOU…for him, he stepped out to a dozen time periods for 10 years and then thought, “oh yeah, i promised so-and-so I’d visit them in an hour”, and pops back in. I presume David Tennant’s Doctor spent some time here and there when he was travelling alone, not just what we saw but offscreen adventures. Surely Matt Smith has too, heck we saw snippets of several at the start of Astronaut.

    1. Emperor Gregor

      Mmm yes, see what you mean. The comments about the wine were interesting, though. Unless he’s so old by then he can’t remember what he did 200 years ago (for him) when he shared a bottle of wine with Vincent or the Lodger etc.

  12. pirho

    But he may never had Red wine (which is what they were drinking) before, do we know for sure it was red wine he had with Vincent?

  13. pirho

    He just happend to be wearing a red bow tie in the Pirates of the caribian rip off episode.  I think he knows he is going to die.

  14. Emperor Gregor

    I know the lighting is pretty murky, and I’ve only got a laptop – but the trailer for The Doctor’s Wife looks as though we’re back to the black tie.

    Anyone seen a clearer picture? HD maybe

  15. Emperor Gregor

    The start of River’s speech when the Doctor leaves the diary and the screwdriver on the ledge – just before he asks himself why he would give River – on the final night of her life – a screwdriver.

    “When you run with the Doctor it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try you can’t run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever for one moment accepts it.”

    In the Impossible Astronaut, the doctor does talk of running, and having run all his life and now it’s time to stop. “Everybody dies and nobody knows it like the Doctor.” One meaning of course is that he’s alone because everyone he ever meets eventually dies. But it does feel an awful lot like a foreshadowing of his own death. Except the following sentence is full of hope.

  16. Emperor Gregor

    The Doctor says there is “only one time I could ever tell anyone my name” and we’ve all assumed it was because, like in the Shakespeare Code, knowing your name gives people power over a Time Lord.

    But I’ve just watched The End of Time again, and realise we know Rassilon’s name. In The End of Time the Doctor addresses him by name (thought the credits don’t name him) and in Dr Who Confidential, Russell Davies uses the name as well. People knowing and using Rassilon’s name doesn’t seem to have hurt Rassilon. 

    Is the only time you can tell someone your name when you take your Oath as Lord President or something? No wonder Ten looked confused.

    1. sgreco1970

      Oh, I never thought that. I thought he meant he’d have to tell her his name when they got married. Can’t very well say, “And do you, The Doctor, take  this woman…”

  17. Emperor Gregor

    No. That doesn’t work. When River told the doctor his name, she whispered it into his ear. A big secret. You don’t say ” do you xyz take this woman …” in front of the congregation and tell them all your secret name. I always thought – if it was in connection with some sort of weddingly night thing vow – that it would be the night after. A sort of pledge of trust. “I trust you with my life, and here’s my name to prove it and I know you won’t use my name to kill me” sort of thing. But I’m not even struck on that idea.  

    So I am still waiting to see what knowing your name really means.

  18. Emperor Gregor

    Just rewatched The Doctor’s Wife. Did anyone else spot the “end of the universe” quote/statement. “I’m a mad man in a box without a box, stuck AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE ….”. Said to Idris/Tardis. Your theory about River being the Tardis could still turn out true. River did say – “I’d trust that man to the end of the universe, and actually, we’ve been”.

    And here they are.

    And I’ve just watched Moffat on utube talking about the Doctor dying. Moff thinks the doctor has been running from death all his life – that it ironic that through all his journeys, somewhere out he knows that there is his grave. Because Time Lords do die. And – re the doctor shot by the astronaut –  “YES, THAT IS HIM. AND YES, HE IS DEAD.”

    Mind you. He’s also said that “time can be rewritten” is going to be really significant in this series. So maybe the younger Doctor is going to rewrite history so he doesn’t die. And bring back some Time Lords at the same time? He may even rewrite time to bring the Time Lords like the Corsair back without realising that he is saving himself at the same time. Sort of irony that Moffat would like, eh?

    1. jefft

      I’m pretty sure that the Doctor who has ‘been running his whole life’ is a clone Doctor who legged it rather than be erased. He’s been running since he was created, but not for 900 years…

      Still waiting to see how that pans out, probably episode 6/7

  19. Emperor Gregor

    Just seen the trailer for the second half of this series. Interesting. One UK paper’s online edition (the Mail Online, actually) has a headline on the showbiz section “Dr Who stokes constroversy when its hero ‘rescues’ Hitler in new series’. According to the synopsis, it says, while searching for Melody the Tardis crash lands in 1930s Berlin bringing the Doctor face to face with the greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler. mmm.

    Also that the Doctor must teach is adversaries that time travel has responsibilities – and in so doing he learns a harsh lesson in the cruellest warfare of all.

    And, it goes on, a BBC source said The Doctor meets Hitler in 1938 before he commits war crimes so viewers should wait and watch and all will come clear. (and which history book has HE been reading: clearly Crystal Nacht isn’t a war crime in his book – but surely if Hitler was waging war on a large slice of the German population that night, it counts as civil war and a war crime. End of gripe).  

    Matt Smith is reported as saying “There’s a lot of blood on his (the Doctor’s) hands. I think that’s why he’s bubbly and cheery, and has to keep going. If he didn’t, if he stopped, he’d have to contemplate losing all those people. I think there’ll be a lot more”. 

    Watch the trailer. River turns up in Madam Kovarian’s eye patch. 

  20. Emperor Gregor

    I’m sure some of you have heard this one but it’s only just been suggested to me. I feel really slooooow.

    The Doctor always said Amy’s house too big – too many rooms. What he meant was it’s bigger on the inside. It’s a Tardis.

    Where does THAT leave us?

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