Doctor Who: Next episode trailer, Amy’s Choice

Thought I’d share the promo trailer for the next episode of Doctor Who with you, [[Amy’s Choice (Doctor Who episode)|Amy’s Choice]]. This is one of the episodes I’m most looking forward to from [[Doctor Who Series 5|Series 5]], because it seems to be a real twister.

For one thing, the trailer moves us on from the original episode synopsis, which was something along the lines of:

Amy travelled in the TARDIS with the Doctor five years ago. As she is just about to give birth, the Doctor returns and Amy has to make a life changing decision.

As you’ll see below though, a mysterious fellow calling himself the Dream Lord has entered the TARDIS. He’s somehow got The Doctor, Amy and Rory stuck between a fantasy world and the real one, and they have to choose the world they think is real. If they die in the dream world, they’ll wake up in reality. But – in a Freddie Kreugeresque fashion – if they die in reality “You’ll be dead, stupid. That’s why it’s called reality.”

Did anyone else think this was going to be as simple as [[The Doctor (Doctor Who)|The Doctor]] asking a pregnant [[Amy Pond|Amy]] to give up her child to travel with him again? More wild speculation after the video:

Speculation time

Right, so what did we see? Two realities?

  1. A seemingly idyllic country village with rampaging, deadly pensioners on zimmer frames. Referred to by the Dream Lord as “the village that time forgot”. In this reality, it’s five years later, Amy’s heavily pregnant and Rory has a mullet.
  2. A darkened, possibly dead [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDIS]] floating above what looks like a frozen planet as the exterior seems to freeze over. Not much screen time devoted to this though, which raises my suspicions slightly!

My feeling is that something nefarious is taking place, and the ‘zombie pensioners in village’ sequence is misdirection for both us and The Doctor as a bigger threat to the planet emerges in reality. Either there really are mad pensioners roaming around the English countryside, or the planet’s about to get frozen over.

So, where does the episode title come into things? Why is it Amy’s Choice? When we come back to it, will the ultimate decision rest with Amy whether to have a normal life with Rory and a child or to travel the universe with a time traveling alien with a tweed-fetish?

Over to you lot – let the idle speculation begin!

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  1. Indriel

    I was intrigued by  ..If they die in the dream world, they’ll wake up in reality. But if they die in reality “They’ll be dead. That’s why it’s called reality.”


    I presumed to die in a dream world would be the wanting to die; for it is a dream world and there you never die because its a dream world and because dreams live on there is no death? (thats the way my brain thinks anyway!)

    click the video and you get…

    ”This video contains content from BBC worldwide, who has blocked it on copyright grounds”.

    :^) Looks like I’ll be watching that episode then!! …But at the 1st sign of ghouls with long teeth.. I’ll BE OFF





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