Doctor Who: Pandorica Spoilers!

It’s not often I issue a spoiler warning, folks, but this is one of those times. We’re approaching the end of the [[Doctor Who Series 5|fifth series of Doctor Who]], and the hints about a fairytale device called The Pandorica are about to become reality. At least, they’ll become reality in the series, which is fictional, but we sometimes forget that last bit.

The next episode to air is called [[The Pandorica Opens (Doctor Who episode)|The Pandorica Opens]], and IO9 and Doctor Who TV have come across the concept art for the Pandorica device. As you can see above, the Pandorica is a huge box. Now, if you look below (cover your eyes if you don’t like spoilers), you’ll see that the box has opened, to reveal a man wearing what looks suspiciously like a bow tie, trapped inside.

It’s thought to be some kind of prison device, and if that is The Doctor trapped inside, are his captors merely containing him, or are they going to harness some kind of Time Lord power?

We already know that legions of The Doctor’s enemies are massing for the finale – Cybermen, Daleks, Slitheen and more are preparing to reappear. Unless it’s a surprise 907th birthday party for him…? No? Ok then…

We still have those cracks in the universe to deal with and the small matter of an exploding TARDIS. If it actually does explode. I have the feeling there are one or two red herrings that have been thrown in to surprise us all. Could be wrong, but I think Steven Moffat will have enjoyed toying with the fans and conspiracy theorists at least a little bit.

There’s a ton of barmy speculation surrounding all of this involving River Song, alternative [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDISes]] and future timeline versions of The Doctor. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Update: I should, by right, link to the concept artist, Peter McKinstry’s homepage. Have a browse around, it’s a great site.

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  1. Jeffrey Scott

    Also, I think I heard the Sontarans and Nestene (Autons) would also be involved. If they can pull this off, showing a few of each creature, then I’m really looking forward to this season finale.

    Did we miss any other aliens to be involved?

    1. Gerard McGarry

      From one of the spoilers galleries I’ve seen the Torchwood Weevils will be out in force, and the Sycorax (spelling?) from The Christmas Invasion will be there too. Did I also hear Judoon? I’m not sure.

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