Doctor Who: Radio Times cover gives us a look inside the new TARDIS!

The latest edition of Radio Times gives impatient Doctor Who fans an opportunity to look inside the new TARDIS interior. For me, that’s one of the biggest pieces of the new Doctor Who puzzle – what will the new TARDIS look like, what’s going to be cool about it, and if it’ll have any cool tech.

Well, the cover features [[Matt Smith]] as The Doctor, beckoning us inside and in the background is the new split-level interior. The main console is on the upper level, while the walls are smoother than the stone-type columns that Tennant and Eccleston lived with.

It’s still moodily lit, and I’m sure we’ll be treated to plenty of scenes of Smith’s Doctor vaulting up an down those stairs. On the subject of the Radio Times issue:

This issue of Radio Times is out Tuesday 30th March 2010 at the usual price of £1.10. The issue will also include Steven Moffatt previewing all 13 Series 5 Episodes, which kick off on Saturday 3rd April 2010 at 6:20PM on BBC One and HD.

In other news, the seventh episode of the series is confirmed as “Amy’s Choice”, and I’ve updated our [[Doctor Who Series 5]] wiki page to add that information. If you’re a Who fan and want to contribute to this page, please help out keeping it up to date!

The BBC UK Doctor Who website has finally had its makeover to fit in with the new series and branding. It looks fantastically sexy, and currently features the first 30 seconds of [[The Eleventh Hour (Doctor Who episode)|The Eleventh Hour]] – Matt’s first full-length episode as The Doctor.

Finally – some sympathy for me please. I totally missed the Doctor Who roadshow when it arrived in Belfast today. Apparently there was a screening of the first episode in Queen’s Film Theatre, and I’m utterly miffed that I wasn’t in that audience. Dammit!

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