Doctor Who: Series 5 finale filming at Stonehenge

Yes! The internet is buzzing this morning with rumours that the fifth series of [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] will end on an epic note – filming of the finale is taking place at Pagan Central, Stonehenge, the Neolithic monument that stands in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside.

Rumour has it that not only were 11th Doctor [[Matt Smith]] and his companion Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan) in attendance, ER actress Alex Kingston has been spotted on set. This implies that the enigmatic Professor River Song is involved in this episode. River Song, for those of you who don’t know, first appeared in the two part Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead as a human who claimed to be The Doctor’s companion from some point in the future. Better still, she reveals his true name to him, which further adds to her mystery – she knows something we don’t know!

Anyway, via Gallifrey News Base, there’s a great eyewitness account of the filming from that night. Here’s an extract:

This is going to be such an iconic and epic scene in the finale. I can’t wait to see it! We arrived there about 8.30, and there was nothing to see, lights had been placed around the stones, but hadn’t been switched on. Over the next hour or so dozens of cars arrived… Things kicked off around 11pm with Matt, Karen (in that dressing gown again) and River Song all rehearsing a scene in the middle of the stones.

There’s a further gallery of photos on the BBC Wiltshire website – including some shots of the camera setup, etc.

I don’t know who had the idea to use Stonehenge as a location for a Doctor Who episode, but bravo! It seems so obvious, you wonder why no-one thought of it before! (Okay, this is the point where some Classic Who fan comes on and corrects me)

I’m roughly 10 times more excited about Series 5 of Doctor Who than I was yesterday! Can’t wait until this series airs!

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  1. McLaughlin

    we don’t know that she told him his real name, she just said something to him.

    How did she recognize the Dr. anyway, his face has changed and he has not met her yet!

    1. gerrybot

      Well, I sincerely hope she wasn’t referring to a mole on his left buttock – “There’s only one time I would have told you that. Only one time I could…”

      How did she recognise him? I figure that she’s deeply clued into the regeneration process and can identify him in other ways. Anyway, in Silence In The Library, she summoned him through his psychic paper. If you watched the Christmas specials, the Doctor’s mother was able to identify him, and we’re not sure how many regenerations he (and she) have been through since they last saw each other.

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