Doctor Who, Series 5: the soundtrack is too loud

Dear Steven Moffat,

The incidental music in the new series of Doctor Who is ridiculously loud. I thought at first it might have been me, being overly grumpy. But I can’t hear a damn word the characters on the show are saying anymore.

The mix is all wrong. The background music is drowning out the dialogue, and we’re missing vital parts of the plot. I’ve tried watching the show after the kids have gone to bed, with the volume turned up to ASBO levels. Nothing works. And other people are complaining too – here’s a comment plucked from the Guardian’s review of [[Victory Of The Daleks (Doctor Who episode)|Victory Of The Daleks]].

Either I’m just getting too old or the music is far too loud: I had hoped that the music might be a little quieter when Moffat took over, but it is still relentless and turned up to 11. I had to switch on the subtitles in order to follow the dialogue.

Come on, Moff. We came into series 5 expecting big things. But the gripes are starting to grow. The intro theme is annoying and cartoonish, we can barely hear what’s being said in each episode, and you went and rebooted the Daleks. Again.

Somebody on that Guardian thread described the vibe on Doctor Who Confidential as a circle-jerk, and I’m inclined to agree. Where we may have thought “It’s Doctor Who, what can go wrong?”, it looks like our faith in Showrunner Moffat might have been misplaced. Any chance of getting the subsequent episodes’ soundtracks reviewed before they go on air?

I hope so.

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