Doctor Who Series 6: I Wear A Stetson Now…

You know what time it is, fellow Whovians? It’s time to manically dissect the [[Doctor Who Series 6|Doctor Who Series 6]] trailer that aired on Christmas Day. 

I’ve heard that the sixth series is still being filmed, so the footage here seems to be from a select few episodes that have been shot early on. You’ll notice that a lot of it is set in America in what looks like the 50’s or even slightly earlier. And while the trailer is only one minute long, it packs in a lot of tantalising detail about what’s coming up (hopefully around Easter time).

American scenes: From the sweeping shots of the Nevada desert, to The Doctor (Matt Smith) himself being chained up in a hangar painted with a large 51, to footage of him wearing a stetson, it’s possible that the first couple of episodes are going to focus on the origin of the world’s obsession with alien life – Area 51. 

The White House: We find The Doctor sitting behind the famous Oval Office desk with a team of secret service agents standing around him while he orders coffee, Jammie Dodgers and a fez.

Nazis?!!!@!! That’s right, Nazis. In a brief flash, we see some leather trenchcoat clad Germans bursting into a room. Does this have anything to do with the American themes or is it a separate episode? Or does it touch upon last year’s [[Victory Of The Daleks (Doctor Who episode)|Victory Of The Daleks]]?

Musketeers! If the Nazis reprise the World War theme from last year, might three musketeers bursting into a room demanding The Doctor touch upon the classic Moffat episode, The Girl In The Fireplace? We also see The Doctor running with a girl decked out in full French period dress, and it doesn’t look like Amy (Karen Gillan) or River.

Naked River Song: If this doesn’t snuff out the rumours that River Song is The Doctor’s mother once and for all, I don’t know what will. We see Alex Kingston standing in her birthday suit (shot from the shoulders up), winking at our favourite Time Lord. Guessing that Steven Moffat is planning to drum up a bit of scandal with a naked woman on a kids’ TV show!

We also see River Song with a Colt and a gun belt shooting The Doctor’s new stetson off. Is this their new dynamic – she destroys all his new hats?

Miscellaneous monsters: Freaky masked doll creatures, a distinctly menacing Ood (who else thought we’d never see them again?) and a very conventional bulb-headed alien standing in a dimly lit room. There’s also an astronaut. And let’s include the clip of Amy with strange markings on her face.

Doctor In Chains: I love this. The Doctor in chains, with a fully grown beard looking like he’s been held captive for quite some time. Reminds me of that James Bond movie which started with Pierce Brosnan in an enemy jail looking far from suave. This is interesting!

Putting his faith in Pond: Somehow, The Doctor has to put his faith in Amy. This section is completely cryptic, but it looks like instead of being the smartest guy in the room, he may have to rely on a companion for guidance. Rory seems to feature quite consistently in these clips as well, which is great. I love the dynamic between these three characters.

For sale: One TARDIS, excellent condition, one careful owner…

Alternative TARDIS console? You remember that TARDIS console from [[The Lodger (Doctor Who episode)|The Lodger]]? Well, it reappears here briefly again. This is a total nerdgasm moment – I remember hoping that this TARDIS wouldn’t just be forgotten about, and it looks like it’s going to play a part. The wild speculation might tie River Song in as a potential Time Lady (The Rani or Romana?) or someone else who’s created a TARDIS somehow. Who else would try to create a TARDIS?

So far no sign of classic Doctor Who adversaries like The Cybermen or the Daleks, but plenty of intriguing ideas coming from this trailer. What are you looking forward to most?

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  1. sgreco1970

    While I’m gratified that Doctor Who wishes to acknowledge its American fan base (after all, I live in America -such as it is *sigh*) but I don’t know that its necessary to film so much of the season here. Heck, half of the fun of Doctor Who for Americans is absorbing some British culture through osmosis. Just a note to any Brits reading this, FYI very few americans wear Stetsons, and those tend to be limited to Texas lol. Ah, cultural exchange. Next you’ll tell me Brits don’t really eat fish custard! /sarcasm

  2. Emperor Gregor

    Seem to remember reading that this series is where River Song meets the Doctor for the first time. It’s also, we’ve been told, when everything changes. And she’s very sorry.

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