Doctor Who: TARDIS explosion clues?

Remember we were talking the other day about the possibility of the TARDIS blowing up? And that crucial piece of evidence that appeared at the end of [[Cold Blood (Doctor Who episode)|Cold Blood]]?

Well, I was noodling around the internet (as a slacker like me tends to do) and came across somebody talking about Victory Of The Daleks. If you remember, in that episode, The Doctor threatens the Daleks with a Jammie Dodger which, he claims, is the TARDIS self-destruct button. Obviously it’s not, it’s a tasty jam-filled biscuit. But that’s the first reference to the TARDIS detonating. Isn’t it?

Flick forward a few episodes, to [[Amy’s Choice (Doctor Who episode)|Amy’s Choice]]. In this one, The Doctor, [[Amy Pond|Amy]] and Rory are flicking between two realities. At the end of the episode, just when it appears that they’ve woken up, The Doctor throws a few switches on the TARDIS console trying to make it explode.

Now, in that instance, it’s a calculated risk on The Doctor’s part. He knows what’s happening, and uses this device to ‘kill’ everyone and wake them up in reality.

So, that’s twice that we have talk of the TARDIS getting blown up. Are these subtle pointers to the destruction of the time machine, or are they red herrings to create a theory about the death of the TARDIS?

Weeping Angels and Cracks…

I have to take this theory one step further. Do you remember in [[Flesh and Stone (Doctor Who episode)|Flesh and Stone]], The Doctor explained that it would take a huge time/space event to plug the crack…him? Ultimately a whole army of Angels did the trick in that instance. But what if the Time Lord had to sacrifice his time machine in order to save the universe?

Would that fundamentally alter him? Of course it would, not having the ability to jet off anywhere in space and time at his whim. I’m reminded of the dilemma at the end of [[The Beast Below (Doctor Who episode)|The Beast Below]], where he concluded that if he had to render the space whale brain dead, then he couldn’t call himself “The Doctor” anymore. Could that lead to an identity crisis for him, losing his mode of transport? How much of The Doctor’s identity is ingrained in his ability to travel the cosmos?

There you go, more crackpot theories from someone with waaaay too much time on his hands…

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  1. rickets

    It’s true, there have been a few references to the TARDIS being destroyed, and the Doctor has also been insisting that Amy has to remember…something. He seems to think a lot is riding on Amy’s memory being strong, and on a couple of occassions he has said that there are points in time where things can be changed, creating an alternative ‘future’. So here’s my theory (it’s full of cracks, just like this series, so feel free to pick it apart!)….

    River Song is put into a situation where she is forced to sacrifice the Doctor and The TARDIS by feeding them to the crack(s) in the universe, sealing the rift forever. On being consumed by the light, both the Doctor and the TARDIS are destroyed and momentarily erased from all timelines, but are brought back into existence because Amy fights to remember them. Her ability to recollect the Doctor pulls both him and the TARDIS back into existence, and they spin off towards the next series….

    It doesn’t look as impressive, now that I’ve written it down, but whatever the outcome, the destruction of the TARDIS and Amy’s memory are going to play a key role. And also, at the end of Flesh and Stone, the Doctor tells Amy…’It’s you, it’s all about you…everything. It’s about you’..

    probably wildly off course, but that’s my theory.


  2. Mitnik

    I like your theory rickets it’s an interesting one..

    Not sure where that fits in with the Doctors comment about “Too many empty rooms” 

    and we now know that the storyline at it’s present point is all from Amy, a trap for the Doctor he couldn’t resist, but does that go even futher back?

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