Doctor Who: The Big Bang, Omega and finale speculation

Come on Steven Moffat, you’re giving us nothing to work with this week. In the lead-up to the [[Doctor Who Series 5|fifth series]] finale of [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]], there’s been virtually nothing gossipy out there. We’ve had the same rounds of galleries of non-spoilery photos – little Amelia Pond returning, River Song pointing a gun at something out-of-frame.

Even the trailer for [[The Big Bang (Doctor Who episode)|The Bing Bang]] gives nothing away – it’s Auton Rory talking to a seemingly dead Amy. Imagine it – next season’s opening episode Weekend At Amy’s, where The Doctor and Rory travel the universe with dead Amy strapped to the [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDIS]] roof-rack!

Big Bang episode spoilers

Over on io9, a member called Bluehinter has gathered a number of potential spoilers for The Big Bang.

  • The “Future Doctor” thing from ‘Flesh and Stone’ DOES happen, and has been confirmed by people who have seen the scripts.
  • The Pandorica has a rather useful feature, in that it keeps you alive… forever. (Which is good, considering what just happened to [[Amy Pond]].)
  • Amy has a very special brain because she grew up next to the crack for so long.
  • Auton-Rory is responsible for releasing the Doctor, and Amy gets locked inside the Pandorica while the Doctor goes off to find the right “fuel” to bring her back to life, leaving Rory to guard the box. Stuff happens and Rory is left waiting a LONG TIME, hence the “love that lasts a thousand years.” He becomes “The Lone Centurion” and is spotted throughout time guarding the box. (and as some fans have pointed out, this actually makes him chronologically older than the Doctor now!)
  • Rory doesn’t stay an Auton though, and he supposedly ends up human by the end.
  • The TARDIS does explode, but it’s not how you think.
  • There is a wedding at the end, and one person who has seen the episode says that the ending is cheesily reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz.

The Return of Omega?

There are indications that another Time Lord is lurking in the background here. We’ve speculated on Shout about the possibility of it being another Time Lord this week, and our classic Doctor Who fans have been talking up the possibility of The Master, Omega, Rassilon or a.n.other Gallifreyan returning to the series.

The main evidence in favor of the evil Time Lord’s return come from two independent posters on Gallifrey Base; one who claims to have seen some concept art, and another who says that he was shown a suit of black “armor” with big gauntlets labled as “Omega.” As for Jason Isaacs taking over the role, he was seen entering a closed door meeting with Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and John Simm a few months back (after this episode was filmed, though). This led to much speculation that he could be taking over the role of the Master next year.

I should also mention here that Life, The Universe and Combom blows the notion that it’s the Dream Lord out of the water in his latest post.

Simon Nye wrote “Amy’s Choice” far later than any other writer, even after Moffat wrote the finale. Also, DWM 423 (which is gorgeous, by the way, in every way possible, so buy it while you can) had a quote from Steven Moffat in which he stated that his attempt was that the finale would be a sort of “direct sequel to every story in the preceding series. To be honest, [he] got close. It’s not a direct sequel to Episode 7 [“Amy’s Choice”]!

So, all fingers are currently pointing toward Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter playing the dastardly Time Lord behind those cracks in the universe! As Omega – one of the original Time Lords, the co-creator of Time Lord society who turned rogue. Am I getting this right, guys?

And if it’s true, how do we feel about a proper Time Lord adversary for [[The Doctor (Doctor Who)|The Doctor]]?

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  1. tardisbuilder

    So my theory on omega was pretty close then 🙂

    Definately two doctors I watched the re-run, different shirt + jacket.

    I still think the valeyard is round the corner, has to be, dreamlord was just a rendition reminding us of the doctors darker self.


  2. tardisbuilder

    imdb says  Ian Colier is playing Omega

    Strange Miracles does happen apparrently according imdb, I’m not sure he’s still on this plane of existence sure he’s not

      1. Gerard McGarry

        The IMDB entry for The Big Bang changed several times in the run-up to the episode. Methinks somebody was messing around with it, because I saw a couple of different names on the cast list that disappeared after the episode went out.

        1. pirho

          Regardless of if it changed or not the guy could not have possibly been cast for it or seen talking to anyone cause he died last year!

  3. Jeffrey Scott

    After reading those possible spoilers, I think I picked up on one more Douglas Adams reference. Having Rory turn out to be older than the Doctor reminds me of Marvin the paranoid android and the number of times he repeatedly was sent backwards in time, so by the end of the book, he was ultimately older than the universe.

    PS – It would be cool if Omega turns out to be the person responsible for the cracks. Seems like something he would do. Stuck in an anti-matter universe would make me want to shatter the normal universe.

  4. tardisbuilder

    yeh, we discussed the possibility of rori in a time loop or that he could always have been a auton waiting to meet amy, getting more right each time leading up to being swallowed by the crack and doing it all over again.

    But that would be pointless unless the story centred on rori, and would waste too much time within the grand scheme of things, so the likely hood is rori will live once.

  5. EDZEL58

    Interesting! I was hoping John Simm would be around as the Master for a bit longer (especially wanted to see him and Eleven face off) but if that’s the way it has to be, then Jason Isaacs would make an acceptable alternative as far as I’m concerned (though I can’t imagine anyone replacing John Simm as my all-time favourite Master).

    I too thought it might be Omega who turns up in TBB…by this time tomorrow we’ll know one way or another.  My first thought though (watching TEH for the first time) was that Gallifrey’s appearance in TEOT caused the Universe to crack, and I thought it would be a cracking (sorry, couldn’t resist) if very unlikely scenario that the Master was somehow involved… which of course he still could be I guess. But to me it sounds more like something that will happen in S6… wonder if John will have to have his hair bleached again, lol.



  6. tardisbuilder

    still room for another version of the master to appear later than john simm, as the master was sucked into the eye of harmony in the movie with the 8th doctor which im assuming is later than john simm he knew nothing of the end of the time war. if it does will just be parting shot to setup next series id say. But would still leave it open for john simm to come back as the master as his earlier incarnation.

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