Doctor Who -The End of Time

Well I began writing a blog on Desperate Romantics and was just on the first paragraph talking about viewing figures and the like but then I switched across to another tab and, you know how it is, closing ones I wasn’t using and accidently closed the UnrealityShout tab. Boo. So maybe I’ll rewrite something about that later but, for now, there’s this;



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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Such a poor quality trailer! I’m surprised that the Beeb hasn’t released anything official yet – I went looking for the same thing the other day and couldn’t find any higher quality version. Here’s hoping…

    Funny thing is – watching this, I’m more excited for The End Of Time than I am for the Waters Of Mars episode that will precede it. Waters Of Mars looks very like The Satan Pit and possibly Midnight, where the valiant Doctor is trapped with a variety of characters against a terrifying and largely unseen enemy. Not unlike The Planet Of The Dead episode either in that respect. Just the same old Yada Yada.

    However, The End Of Time raises interesting questions –  clearly The Master is returning. How will he come back? Did he trick us with his cremation at the end of series 04? If so, who was his female accomplice – his wife? Was it all a ruse to escape the clutches of The Doctor, an exit strategy in case things went wrong?

    And what’s the reason behind the blonde hairdye?

    Of all the ‘special’ episodes, I’m looking forward to the End Of Time the most, especially wondering how Tennant’s Doctor will meet his end.

    1. priyabhakta

      Such a poor quality trailer! I’m surprised that the Beeb hasn’t released anything official yet…

      Come on now, that’s what Comic-Con is all about! It builds up all this anticipation and excitement and then they’ll release the good stuff to us later. Talking of good stuff, did you see the ties they handed out for the promo of The Fantastic Mr Fox? Brilliant, I want one, I’d wear it everywhere.

      When I first saw the Waters of Mars preview I thought it looked like a cross of the episode 42 with the film Sunshine – and whilst I look forward to it, and will most likely watch it when it’s on (as opposed to iPlayer), I am far more excited about the new series.

      That said! The Master! The Master! John Simm! The Master! Blond!Simm! Yeah, I’m being an incoherant fangirl.

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