Doctor Who – The final Series 5 trailer is here!

It’s a fortnight to the day the [[Doctor Who Series 5|fifth series of Doctor Who]] comes to our screens. The excitement is palpable as we get to see oodles of new stuff in our favourite series – new Doctor, new companion, rebuilt [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDIS]] interior.

And part of the wonderful drip, drip, drip of information is the release of a new trailer featuring Matt Smith’s Doctor and new companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan. Here’s that trailer, in full. More after the video:

The wonderful Life, Doctor Who and Combom site has a breakdown and commentary about the trailer, identifying which episodes some of the clips are taken from. Interestingly, there’s a Dalek in a sequence that looks like a wartime scene – I noticed the Dalek has a Union flag placed just under its eyestalk. Does that mean it’s on the side of the Allies?

We also get glimpses of a Cyberman with a missing arm, an entire ruined city covered with those Blink statues. More importantly, we get a glimpse inside the new TARDIS interior as The Doctor holds Amy by the foot and lets her float in space outside the TARDIS. I love those moments where we see the TARDIS as an actual space ship! You can clearly see a staircase, hinting at one upper level. Smoother walls too, which might appear more modern than the organic style columns and steampunk look of the last version.

A glimpse inside Matt Smith's TARDIS

Lots of thrilling moments in a brief, 30 second trailer. I was having mixed feelings about the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who the other day – thinking that his episodes seemed superior when tempered with some of the lighter material Russell T Davies and others brought to the series. Would Moffat be able to keep the quality to his usual high standard?

Anyway, there’s plenty to be excited about so far. Only 14 days to go until we meet our new Doctor.

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