Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor’s TARDIS is for sale!

How about it? Your very own genuine, authentic Ninth Doctor [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDIS]] to keep in your living room. Get yourself a long leather jacket, a pair of oversized ears, and you too can leap out of thos iconic blue doors yelling “Roosssse!” (Translation: Rose!)

Yes, the TARDIS from the 2005 [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] reboot is up for auction on Wednesday 23rd June at Bonhams. According to their website, the box could fetch somewhere in the region of £8,000 to £12,000. Do you think the members of Shout could chip in to buy it, or should we just wait for the exploding TARDIS from the [[Doctor Who Series 5|current series]] to rain fragments across the universe?

Here’s the description from the Bonhams website:

Lot No: 142W
Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor,
A complete Tardis prop, circa 2005,
of painted rasped wood panel and glass construction, the base having painted parquet effect floor, panels fastening using bracket and bolt, having a pair of hinged doors, on with Yale® lock, with windows to doors and signage to front, top section of Tardis with removable ‘Police Box’ signs, interior of Tardis roof with a number of miniature lights, and further interior lighting, the roof with removable lamp to top, height approximately 10ft

Estimate: £8,000 – 12,000

Sigh…this is the kind of impossible dream that Amazon wishlists just don’t quite cater for. It’d probably be cheaper to make your own.

If any of our Unreality Shout members does actually buy this TARDIS, I’m coming round your house to have a cup of tea inside it. OK?

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