Doctor Who: Too soon to theorise? The bits we missed

The more I read our theories and the more I rewatch the first two episodes.. we’re guessing too soon.

The stuff we’re not really asking about:

WHY is the Doctor in prison 3 months after Amy shoots (and does not kill) a mysterious spaceman? WHY are Amy and Rory not only wandering about the country, but on the run? The President and Canton were complicit when they left the Oval Office. What changed?

There is a whole 3 months between ep 1 and ep 2.. I think we have yet to be shown the events of those 3 months.

Canton doesnt need to ‘kill’ Rory or Amy to get them into the same place as the Doctor. The Doctor doesn’t need to be in a supposedly impervious box in Area 51, which (apart from holding the box) doesn’t appear to have a point either, other than  buzz words for the ad campaign.

I really hope that this doesnt prove to be ‘lets stick him in prison just so that we can gasp because he’s there, and cheer when he breaks out’

Than kind of thinking will get him driving off a cliff this week, and watching the car fall over the edge at the beginning of next week.

If Series 5 was fairytale, and Series 6 is nightmare, I hope that last word is not too literally applied. Who wants Amy to turn round in the shower and declare it was all happening while she slept?

(You boy.. stop sniggering at the back!)


  1. sgreco1970

    Yeah, I have to agree with everything you said. I loved Astronaut, but was dismayed at Moon -the cliffhanger was River turning to see something happening to Rory exclaiming, “Rory!” and Amy shooting the spaceman only to tune in next week and find it all swept aside. Rory somehow got away, that wasn’t even addressed. Amy “missed” and it was explained offhandledly later in a trivial fashion. very upsetting.

    But now there’s plenty of talk that, despite Delaware’s assurance that “that is most certainly the Doctor” it will instead be most certainly a clone. Well that’s ridiculous if that happens. That’s “tantamount to it was all a dream.” The upcoming story “the Doctor’s Wife” clearly isn’t about River Song and I’m starting to feel cheated.

    Moffat has an enormous opportunity here, as many people who have never watched Doctor Who before are coming to see what all the fuss is about. Will he squander this opportunity with childish plotlines and convoluted redactions? I sure hope not, Astronaut started out the season so strongly…

        1. pirho

          He’s much better than that.  And he also seems to have no problem with having him cross his own time line.

  2. sgreco1970

    well, that’s a bone of contention. What IS crossing your own timeline? If you mean, appearing in the same year, that’s probably impossible to not do. Doctor was recently in 1969, well another of himself, pertwee I think? was there too, somewhere. But I took crossing your own timeline to mean going back to yesterday, meeting yourself, an stopping yourself from doing something you already did. I don’t think he does that, your mileage may vary. So far as we know, even the invitations were just fulfilling history, not changing it, and the 2 versions of himself did not meet.

    As for what Moffat would and would not do, after restarting the universe and then being wished back into existence, I’ll accept he’d do anything. But I see a clone as a cheap, cheap way out of this.

    1. jefft

      >>I see a clone as a cheap, cheap way out of this.<<

      I dont. Assume a clone of the Doctor existed, what would you have to do?

      The ‘other David Tennant’ was banished to an alternate universe, not allowed to be here.  So if a Doctor clone was found to exist, with all the memories of the original, it wouldnt want to die. (See: The 6th Day and many more).

      Jenny is such a clone. Her life and purpose wasn’t fully explored because she didn’t look like the Doctor, and (as far as he is concerned) she’s dead anyway.

      There’s anguish and morality and pain to be explored there.

      Give it a chance, (and we may be wrong anyway).

      If you watch a murder mystery and guess whodunnit early on, do you think ‘well that was rubbish’ or do you think ‘well done me for being so clever’?

      It’s a fine line. Chill and enjoy.


      1. sgreco1970

        to set up the premise with “that is most certainly the doctor” and then later on say, “nah it was just a clone” is cheap. Its the same as a mystery story where all the evidence is slowly revealed and when you think you know whodunnit it turns out to be some character you’ve never seen before and none of the evidence related to them.

      2. Gerard McGarry

        I’ve got to agree with sgreco1970 on this one – there are so many unfeasible resets in sci-fi, particularly Doctor Who, that having a clone do the job would be deeply unsatisfying. The big expectation was that Moffat would bring a more intelligent kind of writing to Doctor Who, one that didn’t rely on Deus Ex Machina endings (which all of Russell T. Davies’ haters frequently complained about).

        So yes, if it’s true “that is most certainly The Doctor” is actually a clone of The Doctor, then I’ll be disappointed that they set up a sensational killing to entice viewers, then wrote it all off on a flimsy clone resolution.

        1. sgreco1970

          yeah, my immediate concern was episode two which seemed to undo all of the conditions of the cliffhanger right away. If that’s any indication, we’re going to be disappointed. Time will tell. …god I hope he sneakily reads these forums ><

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