Doctor Who: Why Matt Smith will make a fine Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith as Doctor Who

After tonight’s final part of [[The End Of Time (Doctor Who episode)|The End Of Time]], we got our first glimpse of the all-new 11th Doctor, [[Matt Smith]]. And within nanoseconds, there was an uproar on Twitter about him.

Jokes about being the first Doctor with acne, obvious cracks about his age, moaning that “Geronimo!” might be his catchphrase. There were even some nasty remarks about Smith’s looks – one Twitter commenter said he looks “like a distorted, melted Gordon Ramsay in a Hall of Mirrors!”

First off – it’s hard to judge the guy’s potential in the role on the basis of about 2 minutes of footage. Especially in the wake of quite an emotional departure for [[David Tennant]]’s Tenth Doctor. Here are a few reasons why I think Smith will be a great Doctor…

  1. The looks issue: Matt Smith’s angular face is the antithesis of David Tennant’s handsome Doctor. I like that he’ll be less of an eye-candy Doctor, and I also like the fact that he’s dressed in tweed, although bookish professors are gonna get laid if that look takes off!
  2. A new Doctor: If you’re a fan of Stephen Moffat’s stories on Who, he’s the man who chose Smith to take the series forward. That’s gotta count for something. I’m looking forward to seeing this new Doctor develop under Moffat’s vision.
  3. A less well-known actor: We’ve become very accustomed to Tennant over the last few years. It’ll be nice to see Matt Smith bringing new mannerisms and personality to the role – and he has the freedom to make some radical departures from Tennant’s Doctor.
  4. I hated Tennant at the start: I remember being enormously angry that Ecclestone wasn’t going to stay with the show past his first series. And all that negativity got focussed on David Tennant. The key thing with any new Doctor is to actually give them a chance and not compare them. After a few episodes, you’ll start to warm to him.
  5. Seen the trailers yet? A gun-toting Doctor? Punching an enemy in the face? Hot red-headed assistant? Vampires? The stone angels from Blink? And don’t forget – remodelled TARDIS, post-regeneration madness and all that good stuff to look forward to.

And don’t forget – we’ll get to see Smith in his first full-length adventure within the next 3-4 months. That’ll be the acid test.

Until then, you’ve got his first appearance in The End Of Time, and those early trailers to look at. And if you can get access to the latest Doctor Who Confidential, there’s some great footage of him filming those first scenes – and he looks mildly uncomfortable with the attention he’s getting from the Confidential cameraman.

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  1. Jeffrey Scott

    I’ve got to admit I was one of those that hated Tennant when he began the role of the Doctor as well. I remember thinking, “Who is this? He looks like a weasal, he’s too think, he’s….” There are many reasons why a new Doctor gets flak right away. The biggest reason of course is he is NOT who we have taken a liking to. Still, we all grew to love Tennant, didn’t we?

    So Matt Smith, WHO is he? That’s just the point. Each Doctor is different and Matt Smith will play the Doctor differently as well. He may be liked more than Tennant, who knows? One think I am certain of. Matt Smith, he is WHO.

  2. Witchydonna

    I think Matt will do fine. Each actor brings his own uniqueness to the role. However, I did really love David and will miss him very much. He just brought SO much to his performances. I read somewhere that the Doctor had a human mother. If that is indeed the case, David really felt that aspect and he made Ten a very HUMAN Doctor. 

    I think with Eleven, we will see a whole new man and much of the guilt over the Time War will be gone.

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