Doctor Who: Will Amy and Rory die in The Angels Take Manhattan, or does a worse fate await them?

The Angels Take Manhattan will be the final Doctor Who episode before Christmas. More importantly, it’s due to be the last ever episode for erstwhile companions of the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. But while Steven Moffat has teased a tragic ending for the couple, the situation couldn’t be as straightforward or as obvious as their deaths. Could it?

Let’s recap: Moffat has said that their ending will be tragic. Not that they die, either one or both of them. Although Rory has got an unfortunate tendency to die from time to time, he’s kind of bucked that trend recently.

  1. First up: Moffat always lies. Steven Moffat has proved himself the undisputed king doublespeak and dropping vague hints that fandoms blow out of all proportion. And even when it seems that he’s giving a straight answer, it’ll turn out that he’s misleading the fanbase. It’s frustrating but fun, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The problem is: does Moffat want us to think Amy and Rory will die, just so that he can redeem himself by having them walk away unharmed but definitely finished with their TARDIS travels?
  2. Amy and Rory are gradually weaning themselves off The Doctor. If The Power Of Three proved anything, it’s that real life has been appealing to them for a while. And they’ve had a long, twisted and complicated relationship with The Doctor, including giving birth to the mixed-up part Time Lord child and his future wife, Dr. River Song. Perhaps one final altercation with Moffat’s sometimes-terrifying Weeping Angels will be the final straw that causes them to leave?
  3. Likewise, the Weeping Angels. Well, we know they’re capable of killing. They’ve certainly done it in the past. But their schtick is really displacing people in time. That was the best bit of Blink, when the Angels would touch you and you’d be blown back in time, unable to cross the intervening years. And we know that’s how they go about trapping The Doctor, Amy and Rory in downtown Manhattan – so perhaps the Ponds will end up displaced through time?

Karen Gillan also seems to think rumours of Amy Pond’s death are greatly exaggerated too. She told the Big Issue:

That doesn’t necessarily mean death, but it will be pretty final. So yeah, you are going to cry. I hope so, anyway. I like making you cry. That makes me happy…

So, a sad ending for the Ponds, certainly. And also a so-called ‘final’ one. My guess is that they’ll be blown across time, maybe scattered or seperated by decades. Which would play nicely with Centurion Rory’s 2,000 year wait for Amy – which has already been referenced this season. Here are a few other ideas:


  • Rory dies or is lost in time. I mean, even with the TARDIS it would be virtually impossible for The Doctor to lock onto him and rescue him. But he’s either lost or dead, and a heartbroken Amy leaves The Doctor forever.
  • Both Amy and Rory die at the hands of the Angels. In one of the teasers, they’re both seemingly falling from a building. Could be a bluff. I doubt a teaser trailer would contain actual Pond death footage! On the other hand, The Doctor told Rory’s dad that he wouldn’t let them die. It would be heartbreaking to watch The Doctor have to go back and tell Brian that he’d failed to protect them.
  • River Song dies. Again, picking up on a line in one of the trailers – we see Alex Kingston behind Matt Smith and he seems to be addressing her when he says “You just died.” With the death and incredibly complex relationship with their ‘child’, Amy and Rory may be distraught enough to leave The Doctor permanently. This would also wrap up the entire River Song arc and the Ponds at the same time, leaving the door open for a new era of Doctor Who.
  • In keeping with the “Doctor as fairytale character” theme that launched Amy Pond, maybe Amy will somehow wake up from a coma to find she’s dreamed the whole thing. It’s a Bobby Ewing-inspired long shot, but this is Doctor Who and if they can reboot the universe, Amy can wake up to discover she dreamt it all. And Rory is her nurse.

So, there you have it – my what will really happen to Amy and Rory in The Angels Take Manhattan? It’s a brain dump of theories and ideas. What’s your line of thinking? And what would be the ideal exit for Amy and Rory?


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  1. Emperor Gregor

    Death. Well, dramatically speaking, there’s more than one way to die. Metaphorical death would do it – death of hope, friendship, ambition – take your pick. 

    Death of River. Well, the 4 part extra scenes included in the box set for series 6 (I think it was) has the Docor taking River out on their first date and their last (to the singing towers). So we know 2 things. 

    a) Matt Smith is the last Doctor she knows, so it’s unlikely (though not impossible coming as she does from Moffat’s brain) that she’ll be in involved with Doctor no 11

    b). She is probably going to play a major role in the fall of the Eleventh – I’d bet my boots on it. So she won’t die yet. 

    Blown back into the past – if Pond(s) are blasted back to somewhere along the Doctor’s own timeline he can’t go back after them. No crossing his own timeline. So it would be tricky to retrieve them. If they go back to before River was born she could go after them with the vortex manipulator perhaps. That would avoid crossing her own timeline  Or find someone else with one – Dorum got his from somewhere. If only one Pond goes back, eg Rory, then the logical person to send is Amy, with maybe guidance somehow across time from the Doctor in the Tardis. If Amy can’t get him back she’d stay with him  Metaphorical death of the life at home they were learning to like  Tearful farewells and a box of Kleenex at our sides. 

    1. pirho

      a) Matt Smith is the last Doctor she knows, so it’s unlikely (though not impossible coming as she does from Moffat’s brain) that she’ll be in involved with Doctor no 11


      Smith is the 11th Dr.  and she is already involved with him and possibly #12.

      1. Emperor Gregor

        Sorry that’s a typo. This is murder to do on a phone. Meant to say she is unlikely to be involved with no 12. She says to Tennant that the last time she and the doctor met was when he turned up with a haircut and a new suit to take her to the singing towers. The extra scene in the box set has Smith taking her to the singing towers. 

        Would be interested to know how she might possibly know 12. 

        1. pirho

          I want to know who would make a good 12.  Lets get the discussion going. Each Dr has been fairly younger then the previous since the new series took off, so who the hell could we get thats younger then Smith yet still has the maturity to pull it off?

          1. Emperor Gregor

            There’s the cast from Hollyoaks I suppose. Or whatever the modern version of Grange Hill happens to be these days. Or an Alex Ryder, child spy. He’d cope with a Dakek. 

          2. pirho

            Lets be real now, there is only one person who can fill the shoes of the doctor and make it work.  He’s smart, a great actor, British, and his shoe was recently canceled. Hugh Laurie as The Doctor!

          3. lorna1983

            Hugh laurie is a god an wud make 4 an amazing dr who! i personaly think that christina richi (or how ever u spell her name) wud make 4 an interesting dr who or they cud go 4 a macho who 4 a change an get chris fountin or danny dyer lol but who i would love to see as the next dr who an i think can play the heart right is emma watson 🙂 now those would be episodes that would never get deleted off my sky+!!!!!!!!!

          4. pirho

            Emma Watson and Christina Ricci would never be cast.  Emma is French by birth, and Christina is American. Only subjects of the British crown would be cast. The girl who played Perri Brown and Jack Harkness although they sound american are actually British subjects.  

          5. lorna1983

            well its a true shame about emma watson! an ye knew bout jack but didnt realise perri brown was british. ok ok so what about the lady off of corrie that played the tardis?? she was quite uniqe dont u think? dunno how they would wangle her bk in but stranger things happen 🙂

  2. Gerard McGarry

    Incidentally, there have been no proper companion deaths since Doctor Who rebooted in 2005.

    1. Jack Harkness – Killed by the electric egg-whisks of the Daleks, Jack was blasted back to life by the vortex energy unleashed by Rose after her chavviness broke into the heart of the TARDIS.
    2. Rose Tyler – In Doomsday, her monologue implied that she died. What really happened was that she ended up in a parallel universe. Her death was that she was counted among the dead in the Cybermen v Daleks smackdown.
    3. Donna Noble – She was told frequently during her travels with The Doctor that she was going to die. But her death was a metaphorical one – all the wonderful developments she’d had, the crazy sights she’d seen, were unwritten when The Doctor erased her memories to prevent her brain from burning up.

    For me, Donna’s story is the most tragic, because she began as this fiery, confrontational hothead. But after travelling with The Doctor she became a better person and we warmed to her despite the obvious value judgements we’d made about the “temp from Chiswick”. She essentially ended up right back where she started from, all those experiences erased.

    From that point of view, an actual companion death would be a rare and emotional thing in Doctor Who. But would Moffat really kill off Amy and Rory?

    1. pirho

      No I have to say that Ten’s death was the saddest of them all.  Even though he was the Dr and not a companion, it’s still was sad.  Hes last line “I don’t want to go” was so well played, I almost believe that Ten changed his mind about letting go of the role.

    2. pirho

      And if you remember the original powers of the Angels was not to kill but to send you back in time to live.  Somehow who ever wrote the time of Angels somehow forgot that part, and they wound up becoming killers snapped poor bob’s neck (and used him like a ventriloquist’s dummy)

      1. Gerard McGarry

        Yeah, that would have been Steven Moffat, screwing up his own creation by changing all the rules and ruining what was originally so brilliant about the Angels. I think we’ve said it before on this site – Moffat needs a story editor to keep him from getting reckless.

    3. Emperor Gregor

      The doctor told brian that some companions peace, some stay behind and some die. He really meant that last one. So either –

      The doctor lies and he is afraid the Ponds will die, and he is admitting this, mabe preparing Brian for it – and himself. 


      There are other comPanions we never see eg in the gaps between Ponds’ adventures – who really do die. 

      Unless he refers to one-adventure only companions such as the ones at Demons Run. A lot of them died. 

  3. lorna1983

    im pretty sure that when matt smith did an interview with allan car on his show chatty man earlier in the wk/last wk that he said that yes amy will die but not rory. dont quote me on that as i was only half listening 2 the interview but im sure 1 of u guys can double check it. it think thats what moffat has been hinting at with it being really tragic oh an im sure matt says that rory wont b travelling with him any more. ok now that ive given u my half crappy info i shall patiently wait 2 find out if its true 🙂 eeekk bring on tomorrow!!!

  4. jefft

    Amy is sterile.. Is she actually a ganger?

    Is Rory still plastic?

    Will Amy be cast back in time and lost?


    Im still waiting to find out why the post office is always closed and why there are no ducks in the pond. Would love to see leadworth make a final reveal.

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