Paul Finch is a busy man this Easter. Alongside all his other projects he writes Doctor Who stories and dramas. If you’d like to meet him, pictured here with 6th Doctor Colin Baker, he will be in Waterstones, Wigan to sign copies of his latest Who novel, Hunter’s Moon on Saturday April 23rd. The story features the eleventh incarnation of the Timelord (brilliantly played by Matt Smith). The store is intending this to be an Event (note the capital E) and there are likely to be other treats on the day, including various other Doctor Who items for sale and related activities for the children.

He’ll also be at the Big Finish Day in Barking on Saturday June 11th, where he’ll be signing all sorts. Other Doctor Who guests will be in attendance including the Doctor’s new companion due to join the audio adventures in 2012. Speaking of audio adventures, he’ll be signing copies of his latest in Chesham in April. Here’s a list of his forthcoming appearances:

Saturday April 23rd Waterstones, Wigan

Sunday April 24th Doctor Who Convention, Chesham, Bucks

Tuesday April 26th Horror Night at Haigh Hall

Saturday 11th June Big Finish Day, Barking—june-11—saturday-375-c.asp


Doctor Who stories and audio dramas by Paul Finch

SPOILSPORT (2007) a short story in the anthology Short Trips: Destination Prague, edited by Steve Savile and published by Big Finish.

LEVIATHAN (2010)A full-cast audio drama, produced by Big Finish. Produced by David Richardson, directed by Ken Bentley and starring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Jamie Parker, Howard, Gossington, John Banks, Beth Chalmers and Derek Carlyle. This was a story originally started by Paul Finch’s father, Brian Finch in 1984 for the BBC television series, but cut due to financial constraints. Paul was offered the chance to resurrect this ‘lost’ story and it has received critical acclaim

THE SENTINELS OF THE NEW DAWN (2011) a Companion Chronicle, produced by Big Finish. Produced by David Richardson, directed by Lisa Bowerman, starring Caroline John and Duncan Wisbey.

HUNTER’S MOON (2011) A full Doctor Who novel, published by BBC Books.

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