Dollhouse – S01E05 – True Believer, episode review

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There’s no doubt that [[Dollhouse (TV Series)|Dollhouse]] is improving incrementally with each passing week.

In True Believer, Echo is imprinted as a blind woman and sent to infiltrate a religious cult that’s under investigation. She has a potentially dangerous operation to redirect all her visual inputs to the Government agency monitoring her, which has the unfortunate effect of blinding her for the duration of the assignment.

Oh, and by the way, the irony of the Dollhouse doing work for the Government while the FBI are trying to confirm the existence of the Dollhouse did not escape my attention.

In other news, Victor/Lubov is getting a boner for his fellow Doll, Sierra. Unfortunately, it’s Topher who discovers this, resulting in a whole lot of juvenile crap about him not being able to say erection and substituting ‘man-reaction’ instead. Seriously, this guy rewires people’s brains?

Anyway, DeWitt isn’t going to put up with her Dolls playing mummies and daddies. After spouting a lot of biblical/fornication stuff (very in keeping with the cultist lingo in the main plot of the episode) she orders Victor to be scrubbed clean. And we think she means brain-wise, because he’s been spending a lot of time in the showers lately.

Out in the field, the relationship between Echo and Langton is getting better: Langton seems to go to great lengths to save her ass each week, and she’s starting to remember him between wipes, although vaguely for the moment.

Echo’s ‘perfect spy’ guise means she fools the cult leaders with relative ease, but when the agency moves in on the cult’s compound, she’s immediately under suspicion again. Which earns her a sight-restoring slap across the face from Cult Looney #1. Jebus! It’s a miracle! The Lord has restored her sight!

Yes, like all good cultists, everything is a sign, and Echo is drawn to the ample bosom of the cult’s sewing guild. Frankly, aside from the massive munitions dump underneath the compound, I can’t see anything too threatening about this cult. Sure, the leaders are unhinged, but if they’d been left alone, there’d have been no need to set fire to the building with all the cult members in it.

The plot gets a bit convoluted at this point – Echo gets hit again, gets up, knocks out Cult Looney #1. The homely cultists, having an unconscious leader, decide to follow Echo’s orders (since she seems to be authoritative) and escape to safety. But it’s not over yet!!! Cult Looney #1 revives (why do they always do that?) and pulls a gun on her. But a shining knight in gas mask comes in and shoots him in the chest, bringing him a step closer to his maker. It must be Langton? Nope. It’s actually Laurence Dominic, who jetted in specially to…erm…punch Echo in the face with the rifle butt and leave her to get burned alive. Seriously. And as soon as Dominic leaves, Langton appears and rescues Echo.

Now – let’s assume for a moment that Mr Dominic’s that motivated that he’ll travel (by jet, no less) to the scene of this shoot-out to put an end to Echo. Why would he leave it to chance instead of emptying a few rounds from his machine gun into her? It. Just. Doesn’t. Make. Sense.

And now, Echo remembers Dominic the next time she sees him at the Dollhouse. Pirceless. So she knows he wants her dead. But why? Does she know why? And if so, does she remember her last assignment? Hmmm. Lots of lovely questions to carry through to the next episode.

Oh, yeah. Agent Ballard caught the news report of the cult exodus and saw Echo alive. So he’s got confirmation she’s alive. The thing is, the busty lasagne factory who lives next door to him clearly has a fixation with her local FBI. I’m talking Kathy Bates in Misery type of fixation. Maybe she really believes he’s a Female Body Inspector?

Anyway, let’s plaster over those glaring plot holes involving Laurence Dominic for a moment. The horny Dolls sub-plot raised a smirk – Victor’s curious gaze down at his boner being more subtle and humorous than Topher’s schoolboy nonsense. And Echo is becoming more enigmatic and interesting with each episode.

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