Don’t Tell The Bride- New Series!

Don’t Tell The Bride has returned to our screens with a new series and we can’t wait to watch this fabulous programme. Now in it’s fifth series, the BBC Three programme is as popular as ever and seems to have a winning formula.

The format is simple. A couple that can’t afford to get married are given 12,000 pounds to arrange a perfect wedding. However, the catch is the bride can’t be involved in any of the preparations for the wedding and the groom must organise the whole thing himself. This often leaves us with a hilarious 3 weeks where the groom and his best man have to try and remember everything that should be at a wedding. The couple have to separate which often is very emotional and the bride is left wondering if her perfect day will be ruined. We have seen grooms try and leave things to the last minute which often ends in disaster.

The first thing they must do is sort out a venue. Funny enough they often go to somewhere where there bride would never dream of having her wedding at. Often the lads choose somewhere cheap so they can spend most of the money on their stag-do’s! One memorable episode was where the groom chose Las Vegas and decided to not invite important members of the wedding party! Another funny moment in the show is choosing the wedding dress. Some grooms make the assistants try out dresses for them or sometimes they choose the first one they see. Funny enough the bride goes to a shop with her best friend or mother and tries on a number of dresses. The one they love tends to be the complete opposite to what their partner chooses. One of the new episodes showed the bride comment on how she would hate a heart shaped dress and surprise surprise he chose her one with a heart shaped design. At times like this you do wonder if the programme do encourage these little mishaps to happen and whether or not it is all so real.

The programmes do show some crazy bridezillas who you have to wonder whether actually are in love with the groom or just the wedding. They moan and shout and cry until sometimes the groom gets an angry call from a relative or friend who say they have to change it. The show normally ends happily with a bride realising her man can cope and can see what an effort their bloke has made for them. They normally put up with the terrible dress or the horrid venue and the show ends happily. You do have to wonder whether some of the marriages will last…

Wedding programmes like this tend to work well, with others doing well such as my big fat gypsy wedding and four weddings. We like to see funny and fascinating weddings and I think Don’t Tell The Bride will definitely keep being very popular!

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