Drake releases video for second single Find Your Love

Singer-rapper Drake last night premiered the video for his second single Find Your Love from his debut album Thank Me Later, released in 15th June. The Kanye West produced track is a decent follow up to his first fantastic single Over (released in UK and Ireland this week) and the video was directed by Anthony Mandler, best known for working on Rihanna videos such as Russian Roulette and Disturbia.

Much like the two aforementioned songs, Drake comes up with a dark, brooding theme and twists the song’s lovey dovey 808s & Heartbreak sounding lyrics into a cautionary tale of being blinded by love. Filmed in Jamacia, the film clip sees Drake get on the wrong side of Jamacian gangsters with a twist at the end.

It may surprise people but Drake isn’t just some random rapper that crawled out of the woodworks. He was a moderately successful actor in his native Canada before this and when he shows of his acting chops in this video, its not cringeworthy like many other artists who ‘act’ in their mini-movie music clips. I found the end of this video unnecessary and over-the-top but at least Drake seems to be thinking outside the box with bringing rap back after years of having to suffer through brain killing music by Flo Rida and Pitbull.

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