Duffy sells her ‘soul’ in a Diet Coke advert

Duffy advertising Diet Coke is this year’s equivalent of the train wreck that was Joss Stone singing to a Flake bar.

The girl wins a stack of Brit awards so big the weight of them almost toppled her last week, and here she is flogging diet soft drinks. OK, you expect pop strumpets like Girls Aloud to be out advertising everything from Nintendos to Kit-Kats. But I kind of imagined Duffy would look down on that kind of blatant nonsense.

Apparently not. Worse that simply advertising the foul beverage, she happily mounts her bike and goes for a ride through the local ‘generic brand’ supermarket. In blue tights. Singing the most awful song…and not registering the dreadfulness of the whole scene.

Of course, lest you might not know who she is, the advert starts with the Duffster coming offstage from a concert and being given two minute before she goes back on. Rather than having a quick smoke by the stage door, she pinches a bike (stupidly not chained to a nearby fence) and goes off on her merry way. A woman in the generic brand supermarket recognises Duffy and wets herself in amazement. And a teenager applying makeup in the back of a car smears her face with lipstick as Duffy whizzes past. Well, not quite.

I know record sales ain’t what they used to be, but seriously? (Insert credit crunch joke here) I just hope she doesn’t release that song as her next single. Or else record sales might be even worse than before.

My parting question to you, dear reader, is: if Duffy is advertising Diet Coke, who would they hire to advertise proper Coke? Amy Winehouse? Or is that too delicious an irony?

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