DVD Review – Tim Minchin – Ready For This

Tim Minchin’s second live DVD, Ready For This, is now available. Performing his unique musical comedy routine on a three-night run at the Hammersmith Apollo, Minchin tackles everything in his show from ginger racism to dancing bears.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Tim Minchin. For a start, he strikes me as Russell Brand with a piano. But where Brand’s banter is the source of plenty of laughs, Minchin communicates largely through music, which means that the spoken asides in between songs can be pretty excruciating.

On a positive note, Tim’s timing when performing is flawless. Even when the material is light, a sudden stop in the music and a wry glance can still get a laugh.

Ready For This is quite a mixed bag of musical gags – highlights for me were the Ginger song, “Only a ginger can call another ginger ‘ginger'” and the Good Book song which pokes fun at people living literally by the bible. If someone rapes your daughter and she refuses to marry them, then it’s OK to stone her to death. Leviticus continues to provide wonderful source material for comedians!

For me though the pinnacle of the DVD was the Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing song, which features real dancing bears! Ok, not real bears, but trust me, it’s comedy gold.

Elsewhere though, a lot of the songs lack punch, and Minchin drags them out until they stop being funny. He’s clearly a gifted musician and songwriter, but there are times when the songs could be shorter and the repartee between them could be much better. I do appreciate what he’s trying to do though, his musical timing is fantastic, and some of his observations are razor sharp. Worth a watch.

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