Dynamo- Magician Impossible!

Dynamo is a popular magician who now has a programme on Watch where he shows off his weird and crazy tricks to the public and a variety of shocked celebrities.

28-year-old Steve Frayne (Dynamo) grew up in a poor area of Bradford, but despite his background he is now well known in the celebrity circuit. Dynamo first learnt his magic skills from his grandfather who taught him card tricks whilst he was growing up. But he has only recently gained popularity including amazing James Corden and Davina McCall on sports relief by turning lottery tickets into money.

The programme, which is a 4 episode series, shows Dynamo performing a great number of different tricks on celebrities and the public. The programme often looks on his life as he was growing up and speaks to different members of his family and asks for their opinion on Dynamo and it is interesting to see how far he has come.

The majority of the programme follows Dynamo as he visits premiers and awards ceremonies and is stopped by members of the public. Dynamo brings to the audience a type of magic very similar to David Blaine where you can’t figure out how he has done it and you are left thinking about it for hours.

Tricks, which have amazed me so far, include the first episode where Dynamo walked on the River Thames in front of hundreds of people. Also in last week’s episode we saw Dynamo manage to go through glass in front of the public and Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand and end up on the other side of a shop window. Also another stunt, which was shocking, was where Dynamo managed to pull out a bracelet out of a container for Ex-pussycat doll Kimberley Wyatt and put his hand through the glass. Her face was funny to see and it left you wondering how he does it.

Dynamo is bringing magic back with a bang and he is making it very fun again to watch.

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