An ‘Earthquake’ hits tonight’s Modern Family!

You know how when your wife nags for ages to get you to do some menial household job…like fixing cupboards to the wall in the event of an earthquake? Do you a) do the job, or b) pretend you did it and forget about it?

Well, tonight, Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) is about to find out what happens when you don’t secure your furniture to the wall and an earthquake hits! Check out a Phil-ism from tonight’s episode of Modern Family:

Claire has been after me and dogging me – ‘Anchor the cabinet to the wall, what if we have an earthquake, we’ve got kids in the house, blah-blah-blah….’ So, it finally reached the point where I had no choice but to roll up my sleeves, and tell her I did it.

Episode synopsis: An earthquake hits, leaving Claire stuck in the bathroom with the plumber, Manny experiencing an existential crisis while out with Jay, and Mitchell and Cameron digging themselves deeper into a lie when they use the quake to get out of a themed brunch party thrown by their friend, Pepper.

Guest stars: Nathan Lane as Pepper and Vic Polizos as Plumber.


Lovin’ the cape, Cam!

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