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2013 was a busy year for Eastenders. The show has got better during the year after being quite poor earlier in the year and fans complaining, here’s a look at the storylines that have thrilled us during 2013.

Eastenders has had an up and down year after being criticized earlier on in the year. It has definitely improved since Dominic Treadwell-Collins took over. Earlier in the year the focus was very much on the Brannings as Kirsty and Max got together and the family tried to move on after Derek’s death and fans were calling it ‘The Branning Show’. But it has drifted off now and the focus is very much split across the square. The Brannings still have had a very busy year. Max and Kirsty’s turbulent relationship was a focus as they were very much on/off and Kirsty even pretended that she was pregnant for several months. Max ended up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit after Kirsty’s ex Karl framed him for a car accident. Since being released, he has had a fairly quiet time. Tanya decided a fresh start was needed after daughter Lauren went off the rails and became an alcoholic and deciding Kirsty and Max should be together. Lauren turned to drink after all the family drama and losing Joey.

She went off earlier in the year with Tanya and went to rehab and has come back sober but now has been busy with married Jake who she met at counselling. Abi meanwhile has been fairly quiet, although Jay cheated on her when they went away on a camping trip in the summer. Joey and Alice Branning both had fairly busy years with Joey wooing everyone from Lucy to Janine to Whitney. He has now left the soap. Alice got manipulated by Michael who she fell in love with. He made her look after Scarlett so he would see her and even tried to get her to kill Janine. Alice ended up being sent to prison after stabbing Michael when he was trying to kill Janine and is still there now.

We also said goodbye to Zaniab this year who left after splitting with Masood earlier last year. The Masoods have been fairly quiet in the past year although he did begin a relationship with Carol. Kat and Alfie had split after Alfie discovered about Kat’s affair with Derek and Alfie had got with Roxy. The pair moved quickly and became engaged and even started trying for a baby. Kat meanwhile tried to move on, getting involved with the stall and becoming best mates with Bianca. However in November, Alfie couldn’t stay with Roxy after realising he was in love with Kat still. He even went through with the wedding but left Roxy devastated when he rushed to be back with Kat. The pair are even having another baby now. Jean left back in September after finally finding love.

Also earlier in the year the focus was on Lola, who was desperate to have her baby back. She finally got her baby back and is now with Peter Beale who returned earlier in the year. Phil ended up in hospital after the accident with Karl and Peggy even made a brief appearance. He was with Sharon earlier in the year and now the pair are back together again. Ronnie returned back to the soap in September and started a relationship with Jack Branning who left after the pair realised it wasn’t going to work. She has been busy supporting Roxy.

Bianca had a busy year with a bad start with Liam who got involved with a gang and got stabbed. Since then it’s been better with her finding love with Terry and taking a fashion course. Unfortunately it’s turbulent now with Terry and she’s yet to find out that Carol now might have cancer. Whitney split with Tyler who left the square. David Wicks returned and has been after Carol ever since.

Janine had a busy year after trying to bring up Scarlett much to the displeasure of her ex Michael who wanted access. Janine drove Michael to even want to kill her and in the end she killed him after a dramatic showdown involving Alice Branning. Christmas was the fall of Janine after it all came out after David got a confession on his phone.

Ava and Dexter moved to the square and long-lost dad Sam arrived. After having kidney failure, Dexter was a match and gave his dad his kidney. Unfortunately it turned out he was just using them both and now left with Ava also leaving for a new job. The Beales have been fairly busy with Ian getting with Denise which was a surprise. Ian also had to lie and say he saw Max messing around with Carl’s car after he blackmailed him. Peter Beale also returned to the show and we had the arrival of Cindy who also came to live with the family. Lucy has been fairly calm, working for Janine and now in a relationship with Danny after moving on from Joey.

Finally we had the Carters arrive after Phil put the Vic up for sale which meant the arrival of Danny Dyer. Shirley finally has something to do with her sister now in the square too and the new family.

My favourite storylines of the year has to be Michael Moon and his manipulation, Ronnie Mitchell returning and Kat and Alfie getting back together. The Carters are a breath of fresh air and I can’t wait for the return of Stacey Branning in a couple of months. With Sonia also making a return, it looks like Eastenders will be back on top.

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