Eastenders On A High- Will It Continue Into The New Year?

Eastenders has recently been well ahead of the other soaps in the ratings with 10 million views over Christmas and Boxing Day. With huge storylines such as Pat Butcher’s death tomorrow night, can they carry on a high into the new year?

Christmas wasn’t a very happy time in Eastenders with Zaniab and Yusef’s story reaching a head. After taking Kamil, Zaniab and Masood were desperately searching for the youngster. Once Masood found him, Zaniab left Yusef, after telling him how she really felt about the abuse. The crazy doctor decided to set Masood alight in the B and B, he did the same to Zaniab years ago. Although Christian and Shirley managed to stop the fire, before Masood, Denise and Phil could leave, fireworks in the hall way caused the whole place to go up in flames and explode. Although Denise and Phil quickly got out, Masood was trapped inside.

As Yusef stood outside gloating to Zaniab, she said the unforgettable words, ‘Afia’s inside’ which led to him and unfortunately Tamwar running in to save her. Yusef’s death was certainly amazing and the special effects were good as he fell to his death and into the flames. Tamwar running out in flames was certainly horrific and when he was rolling around on the floor I could tell why they showed the Boxing Day episode at 9pm. I think why this episode was so brilliant was because it was so graphic and Zaniab, Afia, Tamwar, Masood and Yusef acted their socks off. If you compare it to the Corrie fire on Xmas day, it barely compares and Eastenders definitely does drama brilliantly!

As we go into the New Year, we have this sad storyline with Pat. As we know Pam has decided to hang up Pat’s earrings and retire so Eastenders decided to send the legendary character off with a bang! Pat has been getting chest pains for the last few weeks but with all the stress of the house, Bianca and Ricky, Janine and anyone else who asks for her advice, she has tried to brush it off. But the hospital announced that she has severe cancer, which has spread, across her body. With chemo only giving her another couple of months she has decided to go home to spend her last days with her family. Pat is a legendary character who will be missed and I think Eastenders will have huge figures during their 70 minute special tomorrow night.

Next year will be huge for families such as the Brannings and the Mitchells. Of course we will see Tanya trying to beat cancer and with new arrival Derrick causing a stir, it will be interesting to see how the Branning’s develop. With the Mitchells, we have the big Phil and Ben storyline coming up. He will have to find out that his son was the stalker and of course he could possibly be going to prison very soon. We also have the Lola story where we will find out who the father is. Another big story we will be getting will be Heather’s leaving story. Rumours are saying she will be murdered so if this is true It will be interesting to see who will be the killer and what reason they might have to kill Heather…My bets are on Ben!

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