EastEnders: Stacey Slater is Archie’s killer!

Talk about karma! Newly widowed Stacey Slater admits to Max Branning that she killed Archie Mitchell in tonight’s EastEnders. And dopey Bradders is still bleeding on the pavement after a rooftop fall!

The big question for me is one of intent – did Bradley jump or did he just lose his grip and fall off? My partner-in-crime, Lisa, thinks that Bradley killed himself to allow Stacey to escape. Now, the only way that happened is if Stacey told him the truth in the bedroom before they made their run for it.

Of course, Stacey got caught by the police and dragged back to the Square. And as she and Max recoil in horror from the sight of a dead ginger, she confides in him that she was Archie’s killer. If you tuned into the EastEnders Live: The Aftermath episode on BBC Three, you’ll have seen how the rest of the cast found out. What a well-kept secret – even Charlie Clements (who played Bradley) got told a few moments after the live episode finished!

Even though the public has had the big reveal about Archie’s killer, it’s still only known between Stacey and Max. Roxy still believes Ronnie was the killer – and she had plenty of motive when she reveals that Archie sexually abused her. However, perhaps in the wake of the police chase, people will think Bradley was guilty of something.

Still, there’s no denying that Stacey had the motive to kill Archie. My only gripe with the ‘top secret’ storylines is that it feels like they made up the ending. A couple of things are guaranteed – it wasn’t Phil or Janine. Phil’s had the “Who shot Phil?” story, and Janine has already killed once before – it would be too obvious.

Among the bogus endings that were recorded, we got to see Max Branning admitting to being the killer, and Janine’s flatmate Ryan. Great performances all round from the EastEnders cast – and props to Charlie Clements (Bradley), Lacey Turner (Stacey) and Jake Wood (Max) for some very dramatic acting under live conditions.

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