Eastenders star Neil McDermott admits to cheating on wife with a teenager!

Neil McDermot, who plays Ryan Malloy in Eastenders, has admitted to cheating on his wife with a teenage fan, the Sunday Mirror has reported.

Neil, who has been with his partner Michelle, for eleven years, and married her three and a half years ago, apparently made a statement to the Sunday tabloid, admitting the betrayal.

He is said to have met the teenage fan at an exclusive club opening, where he signed autographs and had photographs taken with fans.

After having his picture taken with the girl in question, who cannot be named for legal reasons due to her age, Neil allegedly told her which hotel he was staying at and then met her in the bar at 4am, and after having a drink together, took her up to his hotel room, where they had sex.

Neil said that they did not swap phone numbers and has had no further contact with the girl since that night, and has said he deeply regrets his actions and separately wants to re-build his family.

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