Eastenders- What a Week!

Eastenders has had a fantastic week with Tanya Branning’s wedding the main focus of the show but it was the climax of the Baby swap storyline, which stole the show.

On New Years Eve we saw Baby James passing away and Ronnie in a state of shock swapping the baby for Kat’s son Tommy. Since then Ronnie has been bringing up the baby with husband Jack and Kat and Alfie have been grieving for their ‘dead’ child. The storyline has brought much controversy and there have been many complaints to the BBC and OFCOM.

The wedding of Tanya and Greg was the main focus of this week and the wedding has been dragged out across the week. We have seen a lot of the couple and also Tanya’s mum and her sister. We have also learnt a lot more about Greg and I definitely like his character. Max and Tanya’s relationship has also been explored during the week with earlier scenes showing Max still has feelings for Tanya. This week we saw Max and Abi being in a car crash, which led to Tanya and Max sharing a kiss. It will be interesting how the story will develop. We have also seen a lot of Ian and Jane this week and although Jane keeps telling Ian their relationship is over he doesn’t seem convinced. In Real-life, Laurie Brett is pregnant so will be soon leaving our screens but whether Jane and Ian will get back together when she returns is yet to be answered.

The Hen night and Stag Due showed Ronnie unravelling as Kat told her she wished James had died instead of her own son. When Micheal made a pass at her she soon had to answer hard questions to Jack. When she went to hospital with Jack to visit Max, she went back to the room where James was delivered and finally coming to senses she told Jack he was not the dad to his son. I think Jack is going to be one of the worst affected from this story as he has bonded with a child who he thought was his so now he will be grieving for him and his real son who also passed away. Ronnie made her way back to the square and told Kat the truth to her shock. Although Kat didn’t seem to believe it she was left holding the baby whilst the police whom Ronnie had called herself arrested her.

This was quite an emotional end and I did feel slightly sorry for Ronnie. The character has had so many ups and downs that I’m surprised she is at all sane. I also feel terribly sorry for Kat. She has grieved for her child and now suddenly Tommy is back in her life and I think it will be hard for her to bond with the son she thought she lost. The end of the storyline wasn’t disappointing and this week has been great for Eastenders.

Although I didn’t agree with all the complaints, I do think it was the right time to end the storyline rather than carrying it on till the end of the year!

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