Ellie Wins The Exclusives!

The Exclusives saw 6 young journalists battling it out for the chance to work at popular publishing company Bauer media. Ellie won the show on Thursday but was she the rightful winner?

The Exclusives was an interesting show for me to watch after completing a Journalism degree last year and knowing how hard it is to find work experience, especially on a top magazine such as More! And Closer. The wait can be as long as a year to gain some experience on a magazine such as Heat and getting a job is near impossible. This new show saw young people across the country who wanted to be journalists apply to gain one of the 6 spots on the new show. Editors and writers from the top magazines at Bauer managed to choose 6 people who they believed had potential to take part in the competition. Ellie, Felix, Hayley, Sunny, Stuart and Christopher were the chosen ones and for the next few weeks they would take part in challenges for various Bauer titles.

Week 1 saw the rookies having to work for young women’s magazine More! The 6 rookies had to try and get interviews from the celebs at the Brit Awards and also find cute guys to take part in a shoot with their tops off. Hayley shone during this episode, easily speaking to people on the red carpet (despite my initial groans of a glamour model being in the competition) and Ellie also did really well. Week 2 saw the rookies at rock magazine Kerrang!, where they had to interview and do a photo shoot with a band and also they had to do vox pops and speak to stars for the radio. Stewart definitely showed his skills during this episode, despite having no official qualifications. Week 3 saw the stars at celebrity magazine Closer, where they had to interview celebrities such as Holly and Phil at this Morning and also they did a shoot with Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton dressed up as Will and Kate. Felix began to shine during this episode and again Hayley did well during this episode. At the end of week 3 we saw Christopher leave.

Week 4 was at man’s mag FHM magazine where they had to speak to stars from several movies and generally about what guys liked about girls! Ellie showed off her talent during this episode and showed she can write for men too and is diverse.  Week 5 was at celebrity magazine Heat and the rookies had to try and bag interviews with the famous stars. They interviewed stars such as Jedward, Kerry Katona and Blue and also did a shoot with Peter Andre. Ellie’s interview with Pete was really good and Hayley also shone by using her own initiative to find her own interview and also speak to Amy Childs. Sunny left the competition after being quite moody and not making as much effort as the others. The semi-final was at Empire magazine and saw the rookies interview stars from the Hunger Games and also they spoke to Keith Lemon. Hayley unfortunately left the competition due to her writing not being of a high standard, after all a job writing was at stake here. Felix and Ellie and Stewart did deserve to make the final three. The final saw the last 3 remaining rookies producing an 8 page mini mag for More! Ellie had to do an interview with I’m a Celeb presenter Laura and she decided to ask her about careers and fashion. Laura turned out to be lovely and although Ellie got really stressed, Laura calmed her down and the shoot went quite well. She also was great when she got 40 guys to answer questions about girls and their careers and also went the extra mile to get a quote of a celeb.  Stewart decided to do about health and being yourself and he got to interview Jeff Brazier. The shoot was quite basic and he didn’t use many props. He asked him some clear questions but did stumble over the Jade question. He was not very good at getting his work criticised either and he said he wouldn’t change his work which was a bit silly when he was going against a professional journalist. Felix, the surprise star of the show got an interview with Ricky and Melvin and managed to charm them, even when he changed the shoot at last minute. He managed to wow the celebrities and even his shoot went the best. All 3 spoke to the professionals and then the Editor of More!, Editor of Heat and creative director of Bauer decided who got the job at Bauer media. Stewart gained third place followed by Felix in second and Ellie winning the show. I think Ellie thoroughly deserved the win after being quite consistent during the competition. Felix was surprisingly good in the end and I was hoping he would win.

I think the show was good and different but doesn’t show you a realistic view of what a junior journalist would do at one of those magazines. Ellie’s 12 months at Bauer will be very different and she would be very lucky to organise and write full features. However the show was fun to watch and gave you a real insight into what magazine journalism can be like.



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