Emenim ft Lil Wayne – No Love – Single and Video Review

It’s hard to watch this new Eminem as someone who’s followed Marshall from the first album. The tone of his music is infuriatingly dark these days, there’s none of the self-depreciating humour that marked his early work. There’s no light to balance out the dark. No Hi…My Name Is to balance out the The Way I Am style raps.

Everything Eminem’s putting out these days is marked with an intensity and fury that sucks the soul out of the music. Listen to Em in the middle of No Love, when he raps about being alive again, “more alive than I have ever been”. The line is delivered in a dead voice. It’s totally lacking in excitement. Later on, he namechecks Kanye West’s storming the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs. Eminem has delivered references like this in the past, but with an acid humour that was fun to laugh along with, even when he was being vile.

I miss old Eminem.

I miss those weird little sound effects that used to play in the background when he rapped. No other rapper did that. Well, maybe Snoop. But it added texture and comedy to the music, and I miss it now that it’s gone.

In No Love, the rapper hijacks the old Haddaway hit What Is Love? and ropes in Lil Wayne for a guest rap. It’s hard to complain about the Haddaway sample, but Wayne delivers his rap in a forgettable monotone and even Eminem seems to be operating on automatic throughout this. Sad to report, but it’s impossible to drink the Eminem koolaid when all his tracks are starting to blend into one angry, charmless man. Bring back the sense of humour!

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  1. Dara Hickey


    I was beginning to think it was just me that couldn’t understand why he’d become so… boring.

    He spent most of the time on ‘Recovery’ rapping about how shit he thought his last two albums were, and how he’s found this new outlet for hip hop now that he’s finally discovered who he is (see: ‘Beautiful’ on the album ‘Relapse’ to see how dull he actually was when he lost it). It’s like all the fun has been lost, and the more times I hear him declare he’s the best rapper in the world, or that he’s finally going to go straight from now on, the less I believe him, and the more tedious and pointlessly offensive his last album became.

    I wasn’t a big fan of it, I must admit.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I loved his first two albums, felt like he was on a mild decline by the third one, but still enjoyed it. You don’t have to be a misogynist to enjoy someone being gleefully offensive and rude and abrasive. Early Eminem did all that with wit and an adolescent humor that took the edge off his rage at his world and – later on – the trappings of fame.

      Now that Eminem’s lost that spark of humour, the music ceases to be entertaining and sounds like “angry man ranting” 90% of the time. The redemptive qualities of his lyrics aren’t lost on me. I think he’s trying to make a statement about struggling and eventually succeeding at whatever you do. That’s what Not Afraid and No Love are essentially about, isn’t it? The problem is, Eminem already wrote his definitive ‘overcoming the odds’ song when he did Lose Yourself. Everything since has been pants.

      1. anthony Jensen

        “Now that Eminem’s lost that spark of humour, the music ceases to be entertaining and sounds like “angry man ranting” 90% of the time.”

        Smh….  He’s laughing at YOU through out this entire album, and you obviously aren’t getting it!! 25 to life and Cold Wind Blows & No Love are really his only angry tracks.. And their more hungry to eat you guys than they are angry!

        Google “Here We Go” lyrics (Untitled) Click the link to Killer Hip Hop their the closest to being correct

        That track, like On Fire, is aimed at MTV, and you bloggin fools who were askin why he came back after Relapse dropped, and the fans begging him to come back and rescue them from the weak sex, money, and cars BS rappers have been cluttering the game with. And He humorously Rapes & MURDERS you in Both of those tracks! LMAO!!!!

        You guys are the Girls!
        Girl I think you just might of tried to pull a motherf-ckin’ fast one; I’m mad
        You just hurt my goddamn feeling and that was the last one I had.
        Does this look like an arcade, tryna play games, see this saw blade?
        See this silhouette of a stalker in your walkway? Better cooperate
        Or get sauteed, and rotisseried, while you’re hog-tied.
        MC’s get so quiet you can hear a motherf-ckin’ dog whistle when I walk by.
        Colt Seavers on a mule stuntin’ on that a-s like a f-ckin’ Fall Guy!
        I don’t gas my Mercedes after midnight, I treat it like a Mogwai,
        Cuz it will turn into a gremlin, and run over kids, women and men.
        Vrinn Vrinn, motor so big you can fit a midget in his engine!
        B-tch gimme them digits while you cringin’  — sooo Sick!

        Get up baby, get a move on, like a U-Haul
        You can rack your brain like pool balls
        Who would never think of this sh-t,
        “yeah honey you called?”
        Well here I come, Havoc on a beat, I reek it
        Evil, I see, hear, and speak it.. —- lol!

        You can count every motherf-ckin’ chicken ‘fore it hatches
        Cuz you can bet your a-s that, we gon’ get it crackin’
        Like the Kraken in Titans when they clashin’!
        Get your brains bashed in so bad, you gon’ have Kurt Kobain askin’
        To autograph a bloodstained napkin! — (LOL!!! That’s is just Retardedly SICK!)
        Unfashionable and ’bout as rational as a rash on a fag’s a-shole
        Now let’s take that line run it up the flagpole
        With Elton, see if he’s cool with it!
        Don’t stand there and look stupid at me
        B-tch I ain’t in the mood for this sh-t!
        Get my d-ck Google it, til it pops up
        Y’all just so motherf-ckin’ full of sh-t that you stopped up
        Me I’m always sh-ttin’ diarrhea of the mouth
        Til your speakers crap out, pfft, huh what?
        Girl you got a hot butt, like a lit cigarette
        “J-Jrrga what” But you won’t get a hot fudge sundae — (lol! he ain’t talkin about food!) From me so don’t strut my way, sl-t because…

        And now that I got your panties in a bunch and your bowels in an uproar
        Imma show you why I came so you stop asking me what the fuck for!
        Now look you little sl-t, c-nt whore, I know you want more.
        B-tch it’s time to put the math back into Mathers cuz I’m a f-ckin’ [problem], Run Boy!
        Every flow got it mastered, so every last word that you f-ckin’ fags heard
        comes straight from the fishes ass, yeah in other words I’m a bass(turd)
        Lookin’ at me like I killed Kenny, — (get it? “you Bastard!”)
        Gas in the tank, yeah still plenty
        No morals are instilled in me, so remorse, I really don’t feel any!
        Eat your heart out Hannibal, understandable
        Why you jealous, f-ckin’ animal,
        I got cannibal magnitism, cant resist em now can you hoe?
        “Shady I don’t understand your flow”, understand my flow?
        B-tch I flow like Troy polamalu’s hair boy
        Don’t you dare try to follow or compare boy!” — Lmao!!

        I don’t get it man, is there a void? All this weak sh-t? what am I steroids?
        Well b-tch I’m back, with some sh-t for that ass
        And your trunk, “elephant, [hemorrhoids]”
        And remember boys…

        You don’t own me.
        Now here we go, go go!

        Thank you for coming out!
        Hope you enjoyed the show!
        Until next time… haha

        Hahaaaaa! Go Cry in your corners He Brutally murdered you bloggin punks!
        To Quote Killer Hip Hop : “This is the final track on Recovery and Eminem used it to spazz out! Yep Em’s officially back!”

        And there’s lines like these all through out the album! Cold wind blows is another one! Keep runnin your mouths! He makes y’all look like morons the more and more you  do .. hahaaaaa!


        1. Gerard McGarry

          It’s nice to read your interpretation, even if it does involve me getting raped and murdered by Eminem. I’ve never thought of myself as that kind of guy 😉 He’d have to buy me dinner first…

          But you know what? You’ve almost convinced me to seek out the album and give it a listen. But first, a challenge. You know you can write your own blog posts on Shout? I challenge you to take our comments out of the equation and write your own review of the single, telling us exactly what’s so great about it. Not a response to us, but your own honest views on No Love.

          In the meantime, I promise to seek out the album and give it a fair and honest listen. OK?

  2. anthony Jensen

    What da hell is wrong with you people? He says it with no excitement? He’s NOT suppose to! He’s saying it as though he’s just coming back to life! You belt out excitement when your eyes are first opening? And he gets more feverish as the verse progresses. Because that is what the song is about. ” I can see these peoples ears perk up as I BEGIN to spaz with the pen, I’m a lil bit sicker than most, Shit’s FINNA get thick again. < He starts out slow as if just awakening, then kills them!


    And as far you missing the “old Eminem” What heck are you talking about? You miss “Slim Shady!” “Hi My Name is” Is Slim Shady not Eminem! He said He left Shady off this album intentionally! He wanted a more personal Album. For the songs to have meaning instead of just writing stories for the sake of writing, as he did on Relapse. This is the old Eminem! And He’s Pissed! He has Every reason to be pissed! MTV completely publicly disrespected him. When they left him off that Top 10 Hottest MC’s of 09 list  even tho he won the Grammy for best Rap Album, AND Killed Drake, Wayne & Kanye on Forever, & Drop the World. Yet they were on that list!!

    Eminem was UNJUSTIFIABLY NOT that respected in Elite rap circles. He’s either left off completely or put at the bottom of every single Top 10 list because of that immature nonsense you talk about missing! When MTV made the Top 10 Greatest MC’s of All time they placed him as NINE! The most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard. Ask any Rap Elite if Eminem is a better lyricist than Nas and Jay-z? Of course he is! He’s a modern day Edgar Alan Poe there is no Emcee past or present that can tell a story more intricately than Eminem, (And that is what Rap is about, telling stories to timed rhythms.) Oh But they’ll say “Hell no, Eminem is immature High School humor and he’s incapable of word play with depth!” An Excellent example of what ALL the elitest’s were saying about him, is a article at Rap Genius, http://rapgenius.com/posts/Jay-z-eminem-and-renegade-who-killed-whom  “Renegades who killed whom” written BEFORE Recovery dropped.

    Quote “but a few of his (Jay-z) lines show his ability to use metaphor and double-meaning to plumb the depths of language, in a way Eminem CANNOT match.” …. “he (Jay-z) illustrates the notion that Rap is about more than rhyming; Jay’s voice doesn’t boom quite as Eminem’s does on this track, but his poetry is more intelligent.” … “When Eminem is at the top of his game, his genius is immediately apparent because it sounds great. But Em is usually INCAPABLE of employing double meaning”

    Then they use lines from “Im Back” (likely another Slim Shady song that you miss.) as an example to illustrate that! Never mind that Jay-z isn’t as good a story teller as Eminem, at least he can do it, and employ double meanings right. So that made him a better lyrist in their retarded reasoning. This what EVERYONE has always said about him. And their right, Eminem really never did employ mets with double meaning. But these idiots actually thought he was incapable of it!

    Then Recovery dropped and pissed all over every single one of these elitist bloggin b-tches! He finally addresses that on this Album using 100% quirky Comic book Loving, Eminem humor to say, oh really you idiots Watch me spit the VERY First TRUE literary TRIPLE ENTENDRE (and not a Hip Hop defined / jay-z Triple where you gotta know something about the artist, or be clued into some inside joke to interpret it 3 different ways) It’s a true literary Triple he spits in Won’t Back Down. The thing about those is, they DO NOT Exist! And he did it just making a penis joke! As if to say now you really wanna test me you little pricks?And takes it further He spits a triple & double in the same song!

    Read that article then go back and listen to Cold Wind Blows, Won’t Back Down, On Fire,  And the Untitled Havoc track (one my Favs)!  You’ll be saying the same thing every Em fan, that has had to listen to these idiots say this shit over the years, is sayin “HAHAAHAAAAA You Stupid B-tches!!! SUCK ON THAT!” ..|..  All of those songs are Hilarious!

    Heck Seduction the whole song is a Double Entendre as is 25 to Life until the very last line! That’s what this Album is about! Getting his RESPECT and he says that all through out the Album! And why? Because as EVERY Emcee will tell you “A plaque and Platinum status is Wack, If I’m not the baddest” It’s all they have left when they leave the game!

    And he still manages to squeeze in pissing on Carey & Cannon for that publicly humiliating “Obsessed” video! As well as his other personal struggles, He’s gone through. A very humorous retelling of his 8 mile days, (Almost Famous the whole damn song is quotable) And some nonsense in WTP and So Bad. So that everybody gets something!

    You can miss that high school humor all you want, This Eminem would Rape and Murder Old immature Slim Shady! HA!

    Eminem literally dropped a Recovery!



  3. Dara Hickey

    Never really knew what ‘SMH’ meant to be perfectly honest. Maybe finally turning 17 means I’m old and inexperienced in the short-hand of the hour’s internet. I’m not exaclty a novice at reviewing and neither is Gerard, we’ve clearly given our reasons for not liking the song, so tkae your hate parade and rain down on someone else’s reivew: someone who actually is up their own arse, you’re just embarrassing yourself because your arguemnt is pretty much an Eminem song.

    What. A. Shame.

    There’s one particular point on ‘Recovery’, God knows which track it is, probably ‘Cold Wind Blows’ – he seems overtly twattish on that one – but the volume is deliberately turned down, to which Eminem responds “Turn me up/Try’n’a talk the fuck over me/Shut the fuck up/I’m a shit stain” (or similar), which doesn’t come across as musical savvy at all. In fact, that is called offensive.

    Eminem cannot craft a double meaning, unless it’s to do with his dick or his cum. Lush. Go listen to Kanye West again, and then tell me Eminem is the best in the world. Seriously, he’s not, purely because Kanye is a poet, and realises Rap and Hip Hop are more powerful forces when the words are not “spat” as fast as possilbe or shouted in an angry voice: Kanye crafts a Hip Hop song from something like over-indulgence or greed, and then adds historical context, and a connotation for every line, rather than Eminem and his “my life is/was shit, look how hard life is on me, I’m gunna make things right” rubbish he spins at least once on every album.

    Just shut up Em: everyone was bullied, and many have got into drugs and alcohol. Even more detest the idea of such things.

    It’s at that point you realise ‘Recovery’ is the same story over and over again. Incessantly reminding the listener he’s the best rapper in the world, someone who’s regained his love of Hip Hop, when compared to his earlier works, he really is a “shit stain”.

    I’m off to listen to Kanye. Turrah.

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