Eminem feat Lil Wayne – No Love – Single Review

No doubt there’s already a ton of reviews for the little ditty, but after hearing it I thought I would give my moneys worth.  On first hearing it on the album I wasn’t that dragged in at first, the Haddaway sample in my opinion is what carried you through the song.  However on a few more listens it certainly a grower, the words are spat out furiously at you and you can’t fault Eminem at his game.  I think the problem is the song doesn’t kick in until halfway through and where Lil Wayne is rapping it sounds as if he can’t be arsed with it.  Eminem picks it up and ends it well, and I’ve really come to enjoy the new mature sound from him, albeit a tad more pop.  So if you like Eminem, you’re obviously going to enjoy it, if you don’t then you won’t be blown away, but give it a couple of listens, I think this is his “Marmite” record, with europop rap not being to everyone’s taste.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I love it when two of us review the same song in the same day! You can check out my full review for my exact thoughts.

    You’re on the money when it comes to Lil Wayne though. What the hell was that? Does it even count as a rap? I could rap better than that in my sleep! It was lazy and uninspiring and unfortunately came in at a critical point in the song – so when it was over, my interest in the whole thing was dead. Yawn.

    1. Dara Hickey

      I completely agree with both of you on Lil’ Wayne. He sounds like he’s wanting to go to sleep with boredom, lolling about like a lost buoy in the video doesn’t halp matter either.

      I’ve written my reivew of this song already (did it yesterday), and I’ll be putting it up nearer the beginning of November (when it’s released). I must say I’ve had the album since it was released and I can safely say there is just one song I actually think is alright – ‘Spaceman’ – it sounds like a great single too. ‘No Love’ sounds like something he’s done so many times before – he did it better then aswell.

  2. PAul EFC

    You’re clearly not that well educated in the subject of hip hop I gather. Wayne’s verse was one of the best I’ve heard by him if not the best. It wasn’t delivered at the furious pace of Em’s but it wasn’t meant to be aggressive and I was hanging on his every word because his wordplay was excellent. Rap isn’t about how fast you spit, it’s about what you spit. And you couldn’t write anything remotely as good as what Wayne has said here, rhyming or not. And its SPACEBOUND not ‘spaceman’. Facts are a good way off on both reviews and comments here :/

    1. Dara Hickey

      Okay sit down before you have an aneurism. if you looked at the facts we presented you’d see we weren’t just attacking Eminem and Lil’ Wayne for the sake of it. We’re not as thick as you may think.

      We have our reasons for not liking the song, like mine and Gerard’s reasoning that Eminem had said the same thing he says on this song, many times before on his other albums, which incidentally, he described as “shit”.

      ‘Recovery’ isn’t as great as you may think, neither is ‘No Love’, and I’m sorry, but it is about how you rap if you’re Eminem or Kanye – easily the two best rappers around – sure it’s what you rap too, but if you’re rapping (using Gerard’s example) “I’m alive/More alive than I have ever been” like you’ve just been woken up from a drunken coma, it sounds as unnatural and contrived as botox.

      Lil’ Wayne’s wordplay isn’t that good either, as we’ve said, he gives the impression he doesn’t even want to be there – and “I’ve been to Hell and back/I can show you vouchers” is NOT excellent wordplay. At all. It’s like he’s saying Hell is a nice place that gives you vouchers when you leave, but actually the “Hell” he describes is meant to be a horrible place. He is trying to get sympathy for his own wrongs of alcoholism and drug-taking: something very few will sympathise with.

      And I’ll have you know we’re very rarely off on our facts. I simply misspelt the song title. But surely knowing the album track’s title shows I do in fact own the album and have listened to it? (it also shows how long it’s been since I bothered to listen to it) I made my judgment, and I didn’t like it bar ‘Spacebound’. Read my other album reviews; I don’t just cast songs or albums off because they’re not catchy or poppy, I analyse them based on what they’re trying to achieve, and countless times on ‘Recovery’, I found Eminem’s furious desperation detracted for anything the album had going for it.

      If you don’t like what we say, then don’t bother coming here. Either that or make your own blog on the song, but don’t expect us not to comment.

      1. LillianGish

        You gotta love the Internet.. Anyone gets to write a review, the sad part is how narrow minded they are. Look at what you and Gerard are complaining about! lol!!

        Recovery isn’t as good as we think? Wow please tell us how we should think kind sir? You know what? You don’t even understand the song! Wayne is Suppose to sound like he’s been been knocked out, just coming out of a coma! You big duffuses!! LOL!!! Listen to the lyrics!

        “You kicked me when I was down” Not only was he down and out but then you guys kicked them even more! The song is dedicated to MTV and you know it all bloggers!! lol!!

        “Been to hell and back I can show you vouchers” He’s beaten, tired, fed up, but he’s not taking anymore. Notice He perks up when starts talking about how he’s gonna stick his d-ck in their mouths and comeback in BEAST Mode! …

        “Yeah, put a d-ck in their mouth, so I guess it’s “f-ck what they say, I’m high as a b-tch: up, up and away!” Is where he kicks it up, because that’s what he’s saying!

        Eminem Same thing! He starts out slow as if he just getting up from being knocked out in a fight! Then kills! Man you guys are ridiculous! And he says NONE of this on his previous two albums cause none of this had happened yet!

        The song is a brilliant radio song to sell the album! Name another mainstream radio song, where so much thought has been put into the metaphors puns and wordplay? Both Wayne & Em mets are way above any song playing in the game today!

        Furthermore He NEVER said Relapse was “Shit” He said “ehhh”. That album is is one for the books. Its more of Rappers, Rap album than a comercial album for the masses. It’s one of his most brilliant displays of his technical abilities since Infinite. His multi’s and His story telling is jaw dropping! Which is why the music community gave him another Grammy! 

        You guys need to get over the fact that he killed you and made fun of you so badly through out this album, and admit your wrong. Recovery is Brilliant! He’s making you sound dumb! He straight murdered you guys. give it up!

        1. Gerard McGarry

          Ah, Lillian…I was hoping for better than this. Accusing us of trying to tell you what to think? Never. This site’s all about opinions, contrary or otherwise. And OddOne and I have different viewpoints – we’re also coming at this from different age perspectives, he’s a teenager and I’m in my thirties – on other artists and songs, we just happen to agree that since he came back, Eminem hasn’t been very good.

          If you like the song, good for you. I’m glad somebody can justify the ridiculous amount of airplay that this gets. I’d like to think that both OddOne and I have stated why we don’t like the song – for me it’s that tonally Eminem has done nothing fun since his comeback and that everything’s incredibly dark.

          Everybody likes to talk about Eminem as a storyteller, someone who tells about his life through music. And I guess that he’s still doing that, but I just don’t care for the darker way that he’s doing it these days. And I simply prefer hip-hop with great beats and hooks. Look at the amazing narrative of Stan, which was dark but also carried a bit of knowing humour.

          At the end of the day, we’re just stating opinions, just as you are. I’m glad you like it, but it’s not my cup of tea. Sorry.

        2. Dara Hickey

          Still, it’s not a great song is it?

          I agree with Gerard in that Eminem hasn’t done anything fun, listening to the duration of ‘Recovery’ was like listening to the same, gritty raps over and over again. I had to look at the CD display just to see what track he was on.

          ‘Recovery’ is not has brilliant as his earlier works because on his earlier works he was much more diverse and as Gerard said, he incorperated fun into proceedings.

          Oh, and to asnwer your question about naming another mainstream rap song that carries depth and meaning… Kanye West – ‘POWER’. Now that was brilliant.

          Although I must admit, if this is the backlash Gearrd and PeeJay get, do I really want to put up my review?

  3. PeeJay1980

    I rather enjoy the difference of opinion on songs, it’s what makes music fun, that said I wouldn’t enter into an online debate simply because someone doesn’t believe in what I have to say.  If Eminem wants to keep on opposing his critics, fantastic, I think this may influence some great material.  But people can’t throw their toys out of the pram simply because we didn’t all think the track was amazing, what a boring world that would be.  There is plenty of server space for peeps to do their own review and stand by their statement and I would stand by anyones right to air their views without turning into a personal online attack simply because they didn’t share the same viewpoint.  So post the review, what’s the worst that can happen! 😉

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