Eminem – Not Afraid – Single review

A single in which Eminem admits his last CD was shit? Sign me up for that! Not Afraid sees Eminem in a dark mood and sharing his angst with the world.

This single evokes a moxed reaction: he’s clearly angry, and Eminem’s at his best when he hates the world. I get it. And the expletives – you may have a problem with them, but they’re a valid form of expression and they make his frustration in this track seem more real.

On the other hand, the chorus is abysmal. Since when did Marshall swap the venomous rhyming of The Way I Am for what sounds like a drunken chant? And why’s he trying to sing? I’m sorry, but the chorus comes off as the kind of thing you’d only enjoy if you were off your face on Cristal or whatever rappers drink these days, holding a lighter in the air and pretending to be profound. Just before you collapsed and landed on your face.

Still, we can’t complain too much, because Not Afraid is as close to authentic Eminem as we’ve heard in a few years. Not perhaps as lyrically sharp as past glories, but he’s on the right track. The road to “Recovery” if you will. Har har.

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