Eminem unveils cover-art for new album ‘Recovery’


Eminem has unveiled two new covers for his forthcoming album Recovery. The rapper’s seventh studio album will be released on 18th June. The album is preceded by the lead single Not Afraid, released in the UK on 14th June, a track that has already debuted straight to #1 on the US Billboard Chart two weeks ago.

Eminem really needs this album to gain back some credibility. The formerly acclaimed rapper, despite performing well enough with previous album Relapse, has received many sneers from public and critics alike for his lacklustre material and is in danger of becoming irrelevant.

Not Afraid was a decent enough choice of lead single but I’m hoping there is better material on Recovery. Em seems to be aware of his mistakes this time round, cancelling the release of Relapse 2 and going for the more therapeuticRecovery. I’m a big fan of Eminem so I hope he reclaims his former glory.

P.S. I love both cover arts, especially the top one. So sharp and crisp!


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Yes, I love the first version of the cover as well. Eminem living his life in full public view. Could’ve done with a few people staring at him through the glass, but I like the concept.

    You know, I was listening to some old Eminem the other day. The clever storytelling in Stan and the venomous anger in The Way I Am. I miss those things. But it was inevitable that Eminem would lose his edge when he became rich and comfortable. Funny how he had that obsession with Elvis who also became fat and useless.

    Still, I hope he delivers the goods on the next albums, because he was a game-changer for rap back in the day.

    1. RandomEnigma

      I know. Stan is probably the greatest rap track ever and Eminem did a genius job of conveying the thoughts and motives of a mentally unstable person like Stan. I frequently listen to Eminem’s brilliant early albums intently while his latest ones tend to get played in the background at parties which really just says it all. Maybe Eminem just peaked too early as an artist…

  2. Gerard McGarry

    I think he peaked at just the right point. Eminem at his best was fuelled by anger and frustration. My guess is that when he became financially stable and famous, a lot of that resentment dried up. I got tired of him around the point when he started pimping D12. That was a big mistake in my eyes.

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