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Eminem has a two distinct modes of operation: goofy, comic raps along the lines of My Name Is and The Real Slim Shady and psycho-killer stuff like Stan and The Way I Am. It’s the latter that earned Eminem a reputation as a brilliant lyricist, with his stark images of inner-city violence, sexual aggression and drugs.

In We Made You, Eminem is back and poking fun about the usual rogues galleries of celebrities. But he fails on a whole ton of levels with

a celebrity-takedown video on the same level as “Meet the Spartans.” Ha ha, Kim Kardashian has a big butt! Tee hee, Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian! Har har (there are only so many laughs you can do), Sarah Palin is attractive…sorta. I’m not mad that he’s going after pop-culture, but don’t you think he can stretch himself a little more? At best, the point of the song is the tired theme of telling people to stop worshipping celebrities, and at worst it’s pointless parody.

So what? Eminem always comes back with a dopey tune to remind us he’s still alive, then he hits us with the full-on psycho shit.

The only thing that makes me somewhat wary is that Crack A Bottle leaked a few months ago. I remember commenting at the time that it was “nowhere near as hard-hitting as Eminem’s previous work.”

The video’s funny, especially his parody of Bret Michaels, but you’ve got to notice the obvious contradiction whereby Eminem criticises these celebs, but is clearly relying on some media beef with at least one of them. Melophobe remarks that We Made You is

is reminiscent of his early singles in that it relies heavily on pop culture criticism. But his targets are too obvious, his beat too goofy, and the whole schtick too played out for us to care. Sure, some folks will be up in arms about the Sarah Palin and Jessica Simpson references. But they’re playing right into his hands.

When you get right down to it, We Made You is a completely unsubtle bit of celebrity baiting. Many commenters have called it a lazy effort from someone who formerly wrote some edgy lyrical content. I have to agree. The only saving grace is that he might unleash the axe-murderer with the next tune.

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Eminem has already released a single called 3AM alongside this single. This is a tune where he unleashes the psycho killer again! You can view it here:


    Yes, I am in agreement with you in some ways. This is not as subtle as some of his older material but I think it’s amusing enough. Besides I have missed Eminem’s abscence from the charts. While this may not be as genius as his older works, you’re not going to find any other singers taking the piss out of pop culture any longer except maybe P!nk but she wouldn’t be nearly as honest as Eminem.

    I like Eminem’s goofy videos so I was happy to see that has returned with his comeback but I think he really reached his peak with Stan and since then he hasn’t being able to top that. I don’t think he’ll ever be as good as he was in the early 2000s. Still I’m happy to see him back and while I was disappointed with Crack A Bottle, I have to say I’m still enjoying his new tunes.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I don’t know why, but I’m looking for something that hits a higher standard. And I do like the song, I’m just highly cynical about Eminem’s reasons for making his comeback now. Does he need the money or does he have something he needs to say?

      A topic for another blog post, maybe, but what do you think of the quality of music released so far this year?

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