Emma’s Imagination and The Pictures progress to the Must Be The Music final!

Following on from tonight’s Must Be The Music live performances, Emma’s Imagination and rock five-piece The Pictures have progressed to the Wembley live final!

Emma’s Imagination stunned the judges and audience with her song, This Day. We learned during the show that the Glasgow-based singer/songwriter was already at #85 in the iTunes chart before she’d even performed, and had edged up to #79 the last time I checked. Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri told Emma that “you’ve just written yourself a hit record”.

P.S. Emma’s real name is Emma Gillespie. You’re welcome.

Show openers, the London-based band The Pictures were also well received by the judges after performing a new song called Tears. Their energetic opening number really breathed life into tonight’s episode, and the judges agreed that they’d proven themselves. Especially Jamie Cullum, who had originally said that the group sounded too much like the bands they listened to. Tonight, he changed his mind: “Sometimes you’ve got to come out with a massive attitude and a great song, and you did that.”

What’s really exciting about this stage of the show is that the acts are actually starting to chart with their music – and Sky One are insisting that the acts get to keep 100% of the net profit from single sales and merchandising!

It seems like Sky themselves are too modest to mention it, but this is a quiet revolution in Reality TV talent contests – giving the talent the profits from their songwriting is fantastic, and circumvents the claims of exploitation that other *cough cough* reality shows are accused of. With this, new artists are being given a leg up into the charts with their own compositions – no faceless industry songwriters here. I’m really fond of what Must Be The Music are doing.

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