Enrique Iglesias ft Nicole Scherzinger – Heartbeat – Single & Video review

What is it with Enrique Iglesias and his tendency to breathily whisper the title of the song during the intro? Remember Let me be your hero….?

Another stray observation: have you noticed that Enrique hasn’t release a truly solo single in quite a while? He’s sticking to hook-ups with other artists these days. And it’s working well for him.I’d go so far as to suggest that this latest collaboration with Nicole Scherzinger is the best yet.

Heartbeat is a sensual song. It is the musical equivalent of hot, intimate, passion. Over its pulsing bass drum and Robert Miles-inspired piano line, Iglesias and Scherzinger croon and coo their way through the song. I’m not personally a fan of twee ballads and suggestions of endless love, so this tribute to sensuality and passion is far more convincing than, say, Justin Bieber pleading eternal devotion.

I’ve read reviews that suggest the song is a tad bland and dull. I’ve gotta dismiss those suggestions. You could get lost in this song. The pairing of Scherzinger and Iglesias works incredibly well. Their voices compliment each other perfectly, and they end up singing in complex, almost hypnotic melodies over each other.

The video also compliments the song with stunning light effects that seem to pulse and move with the beat. And it doesn’t hurt that the light show is essentially projected on the naked torsos of the two singers. I’m going to end on the suggestion that Nicole Scherzinger is making all the right moves at the moment. From her spots as a guest judge on [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]], to this, perhaps the best collaboration of her career. I’m thinking that solo success for the Pussycat Doll may be just around the corner.

Heartbeat is the lead single from Enrique’s ninth studio album, Euphoria.

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