Enrique Iglesias unleashes ‘Euphoria’ tracklisting

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Latino heartthrob <strong>Enrique Iglesias </strong>is back with his ninth studio album <strong><em>Euphoria <span style=”font-weight:normal;”>- <span style=”font-style:normal;”>a bilinigual album about “setting your problems aside and having some fun”. That seems to be the memo on every popstar’s list these days. The album will release two lead singles – one in English and the other in Spanish.</span></span></em></strong>


<strong><em><span style=”font-weight:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”>Now, I’ll confess – I consider Enrique’s music a guilty pleasure, it’s generally fun, catchy stuff. However the lead English single from the album – the RedOne produced </span><span style=”font-style:normal;”><strong>I Like It </strong><span style=”font-style:normal;”>will not be a guilty pleasure because the song is ANNOYING with a capital A. And it’s not <strong>Pitbull’s</strong> rap or <strong>Lionel Richie’s</strong> re-recorded </span><strong>All Night Long </strong><span style=”font-style:normal;”>sample, it’s Enrique’s excessive use of robo-voice where it’s not needed at all! The track is as catchy as swine flu so it should be another hit for Iglesias but the sooner the Auto-Tune trend is out of the way the better.</span></span></span></em></strong>


<strong><em><span style=”font-weight:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”>The second lead single </span><strong>Cuando Me Enamoro </strong><span style=”font-style:normal;”>featuring <strong>Juan Luis Guerra </strong>is a much better track but not speaking a word of Spanish, I haven’t a clue what they’re singing about. The video for the track, however, does feature gorgeous </span>Ugly Betty <span style=”font-style:normal;”>star Ana Ortiz (a.k.a. Hilda Suarez). You can check out the album tracklisting below as well as the official videos for the two lead singles below. Enrique is completely in love with himself in both videos (I confess I’m jealous)!</span></span></span></em></strong>


<em><span style=”font-weight:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”><strong>Tracklisting for Enrique Iglesias’ <em>Euphoria</em>:</strong></span></span></span></em>


<em><span style=”font-weight:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”>1. Cuando Me Enamoro (featuring Juan Luis Guerra)

2. No Me Digas Que No (featuring Wisin &amp; Yandel)

3. Ayer

4. Dile Que

5. I Like It (featuring Pitbull and Lionel Richie)

6. One Day at a Time (featuring Akon)

7. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)

8. Dirty Dancer (featuring Usher)

9. Tu Y Yo

10. No Me Digas Que No

11. Heartbreaker

12. Coming Home</span></span></span></em>


<em><span style=”font-weight:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”>The album is available on 2nd July in Netherlands and Ireland, 5th July Worldwide and 6th July in North America.</span></span></span></em>


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<strong><em><span style=”font-weight:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”><span style=”font-style:normal;”>


<strong>Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull and Lionel Richie: <em>I Like It</em></strong>


<strong>Enrique Iglesias featuring Juan Luis Guerra: <em>Cuando Me Enamoro</em></strong>


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